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The Klingon Marketing Code of Honor #1

A Warrior Does Not CheatBatleth_Battle

NuqneH Earthers!

It is I, the Klingon Marketer here to attempt to make true warriors out of your so called marketing elite. Previously I spoke to you about the Klingon Marketing Code of Honor. Now I will take you through the code line by line, beginning with the first one, "A warrior does not cheat."


Honor is the concept of upholding one's beliefs and sense of what is the right thing to do. As marketing warriors, that includes being honest with our prey, that elusive customer that you hunt among a herd of leads.

Customers value honesty. Being deceptive toward potential customers would be to act without honor. A true marketing warrior has faith in his or her product or services. That faith is demonstrated by being able to stare at your customer directly in the eyes and tell the truth. If a product/service is not worth what you are selling it for, you are dishonoring yourself and cheating your customer. 

A marketing warrior also does not cheat the agency it works for. A Klingon would not pad his numbers and figures to reflect inventory or margins that were not accurate. Klingon's are direct and true marketing warriors are as well. If sales are down, you embrace the truth and face your superiors with honor. But, you find the cause and take appropriate action. If a lowly petaQ in your company is cheating you and your customers, then you must act swiftly to address this dishonor.

Remember this my fellow warriors,"batlhHa' vangIu'taHvIS quv chavbe'lu'." Or as you Earthers say, "One does not achieve honor while acting dishonorably." A true marketing warrior does not cheat.

Honor is our hallmark. Klingons do not cheat. Qapla!


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