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The Southern Social Summit 2019

The Southern Social Summit was, above all, a wild success. Making lots of notes on the incredible insight provided by the speakers and the Q&A panel was only a small percentage of the fun and let me tell you: after a day like that, we're beyond excited for what s3 2020 has in store.


Our Q&A Panel blew us away with the incredible insight they were able to provide into the not-so-common questions and aspects of the social media galaxy. We couldn't take notes fast enough!


And we got some INCREDIBLY insightful information from our speakers, starting with Conrad Martin's "Visually Hacking Your Audience with Video" and wrapping the day up with Lori Sullivan's "How to Prove and Maximize Marketing ROI".

I've pulled a few of my favorite highlights from each speaker below. Did anything in particular capture your attention? Drop your feedback in the comments and let's discuss!

image_from_ios (5)

This was such a powerful takeaway for me. Keeping people's attention is a key element to successful videos and Conrad hit the nail on the head with his entire presentation. Thanks a million, Conrad!

image_from_ios (4)

Hank gave us a fantastic glance at the artistic side of successful social media campaigns. It was brilliant, on point, and above all, something all of us could relate to and use. We love you, Hank!


Chris gave us some awesome information into the influencer marketing side of the industry. Talk about several pages worth of notes! You're the bomb, Chris. 

image_from_ios (1)-1

T. Marie took the room by storm with a presentation on storytelling on social. We were blown away by some of the insight and will most definitely be carrying some of it over into our own campaigns. Thank you so much!

image_from_ios (3)-1

Maximizing your ROi just got that much easier. This presentation by Lori was absolutely amazing. We were able to walk away with quite a few tips about proving our ROi and stepping it up a notch in a way that's feasible and calculated. Thanks, Lori!

image_from_ios (2)-1

Josh came up and took the stage by giving us a glimpse into our customers minds. His insight was powerful and definitely gave us something to think about. Thanks, Josh!


Creating the Southern Social Summit was awesome, but spending the day with all of you just made it that much better.


Making new connections, meeting new friends.....

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 11.44.59 AM

...enjoying plenty of amazing food....


...gaining lots of new insight...


..and spending the day with lots of fellow creatives having fun, taking notes and filling the room with laughter definitely made it the kind of day we won't easily forget.

To all of you who attended S3 with us this year, we want to personally give you a round of applause and a HUGE thanks. The Southern Social Summit would not be possible without you or our incredibly generous and wonderful sponsors, including Innovation Depot, the Birmingham Museum of Art, Merrill, Tosha Gaines, HopCity, MHX Foundation and more. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your time and gained lots (and lots!) of insightful information that you can implement now and build a better future for your brand on social.


Be sure and stay tuned for announcements about S3 2020! We hope to see you there!



Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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