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The Southern Social Summit is Coming to Birmingham

The largest social media conference in Alabama is coming to Birmingham on November 15th, and trust me, it's an opportunity you won't want to pass up.

What is the Southern Social Summit?

The idea behind the Southern Social Summit is to put valuable information into the hands of people like you and do an in-depth exploration of the art, science, and creativity that fuels social media marketing.

This one-day conference will give you an opportunity to make new connections with people in the industry, gain lots of new insight and eat some incredible food, all in the heart of Birmingham.

What Does The Event Include?

The Southern Social Summit is all about exploring the unknowns in the social media atmosphere and giving you insight into the ways your company can benefit from proper execution.

With a total of six speakers and a fabulous Q&A Panel put on by four powerful and inspirational women in the industry, there’s no way you’re going to walk away without gaining awesome insight into improving your own marketing efforts.

And of course, we can’t forget one of the best things about this event: FOOD!

Lunch is provided, (YUM!) but there’s also a happy hour after the event to give you an opportunity to connect with other professionals and make some new friends. Who wouldn't be ecstatic about that?!

You can learn more about what's on the agenda and what the Southern Social Summit is all about on their website HERE.

Perfect for Groups

Do you work in marketing? Are you a student looking to gain some insight? Whatever the reason you are looking to attend this incredible event, make sure to bring along some friends, coworkers or fellow students, because not only is there a group discount, but the more the merrier!

Dress Code? Dress Casual.

It’s as simple as that. Whatever makes you comfortable and feels like YOU.

Get Your Tickets Before They’re Gone!

Business professionals, Business owners, Marketing Professionals, Students, Creatives, whoever you are, WE WANT TO SEE YOU.

Just be sure to bring a way to make notes and an appetite because there's free lunch, but also refreshments that will keep you and your creative mind running for the entirety of the event.

Believe me, you definitely don’t want to miss such a great opportunity, so go get your tickets TODAY!


Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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