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Twitter Introduces 280 Characters

Roll into your weekend with This Week in Social Media!


Say as much as you want (or at least 280 characters worth) because Twitter is rolling out the 280 character feature for everyone!!  Twitter states that it’s easier to tweet now, but I think I am going to stick to just retweeting funny tweets that I see. Not only that, but you can now make your username as long as 50 characters!

280 characters!



Polls are a fun way to gain engagement. Not only can you ask a question and get an answer, but you can add images and gifs to make your polls more creative.

giphy (51).gif


More users will now have the branded content option. Instagram is “broadening access to the option to Instagrammers with high levels of engagement and access to insights.” This makes it easier for brands and creators to communicate that it is a partnership.


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 10.54.11 AM.png



Earlier this year YouTube launched YouTube TV, but they just announced an app built for TV screens. It’s another way to stream everything you need with a click of a button.



Amazon is my favorite. One click and I swear my package is here in one hour.  While Amazon is not a social media platform, they did add a pretty cool feature to their app. Now you have AR view! Now you can visualize what a product will look like in your space. I am loving this.



That’s it for this week. Are you enjoying the social media updates? Let us know!

Keep reading and we’ll catch up next Friday!

Lizzie Williamson

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