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Three Awesome Team-Building Tools for Working Remotely

Remote work: it's a powerful tool. And most especially in times like we are currently finding ourselves in when working from the safe environment of our homes is so crucial to our employees emotional well-being, their physical well-being, the physical well-being of others and our employees mental well-being.

But what about sticking together as a team? Is there a way to stay just as productive, keep communication as the top priority and maintain a positive outlook?

YES! At Sociallyin, we have remote workers across the globe on a regular basis in addition to our in-office employees that we strive to keep in the loop and in on the fun.

With the recent corona outbreaks across the Nation and in our own beloved AL, we decided to close our office temporarily and assist our employees to the best of our ability in their new remote work environment.

Today, we wanted to share some of the tools that have been HUGELY beneficial to us, both for our ordinarily remote employees and now the remainder of our team to stay on top of communication, keep our employees happy, keep our clients happy and above all, stay safe and in the loop.

Are you ready to unlock the tools that can help you and your remote team kill it in the midst of the chaos? Let's dive in!


Our team LOVES Basecamp! Not only do we use it to communicate with clients, but we use it on a regular basis for sorting and assigning tasks, keeping everyone on the same page and organizing projects, accounts and our own website work.


Basecamp has an app, too, which is incredibly helpful for our employees when they want a quick glance at what's on their plate, as well as our clients when they want a look at what kind of awesome creatives are in the works or what the latest is on their impression and engagement counts.

We use Basecamp on a daily basis and highly recommend it for keeping everyone informed and on task. A super important tool for a remote team!


Slack is one of our favorite team tools! It's incredibly useful for communicating on a daily basis with our team and staying on track as well as just plain having fun.

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As creatives, we're always busy...well...creating! And Slack helps us to band together to create awesome ideas, superb content and keep everyone laughing in the midst of the chaos. We even run daily "vibe" checks to see how everyone is holding up, (after all, it's a bit of a jungle out there right now!) and to make sure everyone is staying productive, staying happy and staying fed. (Hey, food is important!)

Slack also gives our team a great opportunity to grow closer as a network of support as well as an escape from all the bad news. Regular encouragement, laughs, advice and polls about latest trends in the industry are an almost daily occurrence. Oh, and when we are in the office, we may or may not enjoy going back and forth on Slack about where the "Lunch Train" is headed for the day.


Zoom is our go-to for all things client calls, team meetings, round tables, webinars and ad intensives. It's a freaking awesome tool that is, in our opinions, way under-utilized in the business realm. Although it still ranks as the top video conferencing app. 🔥


And hey, it's free to get started! (So is Slack!) So if you're in the market for a web conference app/tool that you can use for client meetings, this is our #1 recommendation that we use 10/10 times. (And almost every day!)

Online Remote Tools Abound

While these happen to be our favorites, there's plenty of options out there if you're in the market for awesome remote tools. We know the struggle of keeping your remote employees on the same page, let alone the same book. However, we're confident that these tools can make your teams lives and work a whole lot easier.

Remember: work SMART not HARD and STAY SAFE OUT THERE!🎆

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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