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Time Saving Tips for Finding the Right College or University

Selecting the right school can be a long, tedious, stressful situation. Is this really what I want to major in? What if I don't like my professors? What is there to do in ___? What are the scholarship options? All questions that come across the minds of high school seniors and their parents alike. Sifting through all the noise to find the answers you need can be an endless process but there's some hope yet. 

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 Don't worry, it gets easier. Well, a little. 

Here are a few time-saving tips for finding the right college or university:

1. Don't Stress About It

Yes, you might not get into the school of your dreams. As a matter of fact, only about 57% of prospective students end up going to their first choice of higher ed institution. So if the acceptance letters don't just start pouring in, don't rip your hair out. Just look at your next choice, who knows, that might just be the school you should have chosen all along. 

2. Utilize The Price Calculator

These days, more colleges and universities have been putting more into their digital presence to make things easier for prospective students and their parents. When browsing most college resources page, you'll come across a net price calculator that, with a little information from you, will crank out and estimate the projected cost a student might face continuing their education. Utilize this tool. Although it doesn't give you an exact amount on the dollar, it can give you a pretty solid estimate to help guide your scholarship efforts. Speaking of which, sites like Scholly take the grunt work out of scholarship searches.  

3. Double Check Financial Aide Apps for Mistakes

If you've ever made a mistake on your FASFA and had the fear of missing out on financial aid then you understand how important this one is. One false step on your apps could mean having to wait another semester before starting your collegiate career. 

4. Get a Second (and third) Opinion

Use sites like College Prowler to see real reviews from real students about major colleges and universities. These can be effective in giving you a deeper look into the schools on your list to help you make better decisions. 

5. Support Your Major Interest

You've grown up with the same group of friends all your life and now, your senior year of high school, you find out that your best friend is going to a different college, one that doesn't have your major. What do you do? Although your first instinct might be to change your plans in favor of friendships but you'll only regret that in the long run. If a school doesn't offer your major, remove them from the list, your friends will understand. 

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