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Traveling Through The Networks (Part 2)


For those of you that read the first installment of Traveling Through the Networks, you should already know what to expect.

Since you now know the benefits of having social media accounts.  Now, it’s time to learn how to make those first preparation steps for entering the social adventure.

Many of you may think it’s simple; get a twitter, tweet your thoughts, and become twitter famous within seconds. But no. You’re entirely wrong. 

Of course, obtaining an account or two should be your first priority.  However, you need to have a game plan. 

When will you post? What will you post? Who do you want to target?

Once you figure out your initial steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy the adventure you’ve worked so hard to plan.

When you prepare for a trip there are three things you always do: pack your bag, restlessly make it through airport security and finally you sore through the air in that large iron eagle.


When packing your bags, chances are you’ve already visualized what you want to pack.  You have a common ground on what you will take with you and what you will leave behind. Much like social media, you need this concept of “packing”.  It’s super important that you gather your ideas for social media, and learn how to pack them into your strategy. 

It’s important to understand your target market and what social outlets they use.  If you’re targeting strictly professionals, try a site like LinkedIn. If you want to reach artsy millennial’s, try Instagram.  If you want to reach a wide variety of people, Twitter and Facebook will work. There are tons of social media networks out there; it’s time to pack your bags and determine which networks will best suit your adventure. 

Next, once you’re all packed and ready to go, it’s time to dreadfully make your way through the airport and work your way through security.  We all know how much of a hassle this can be.  You have to remove your shoes, jewelry; basically everything on your person has to go into a tiny little plastic bin. 

When dealing with social media plans, you need to do the same.  You need to shed the things that weigh you down and examine them, even if it is a stressful process. Are they harmful? Or, do they offer little to no harm to your set strategy?

Much like social media analysis, airport security helps you find your flaws.  It’s vital to only bring the necessities when first starting out; chances are you can find what you need along the way.  This is an important time to make sure that your strategy is tailored to meet the needs of your target audience, and will be beneficial

Finally, you’re through security, waited a set amount of time to finally board the plane. Everything is ready for takeoff, are you ready? Is your stomach turning? Are you fully prepared to soar through the sky and see the world from 30,000 feet?

This is the turning point in your marketing plan. Do you have everything in order to ascend in the social media universe? You’ve examined your possessions and you’re ready to launch, do you have what it takes to get in the air? This is where you’re past processes will tell if you’re completely ready. 

You’ve made it through the second segment of Traveling Through the Networks.  Are you ready to launch into social atmosphere and let your voice be heard? Only time will tell, be sure to check back in for the third segment; which will teach you how to thrive successfully while on your adventure. 

In the mean time, if you have any questions on social media success feel free to contact us for social media consulting. We’ll review your networks, and see how you can improve your social media strategy. 

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Happy Travels!

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