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Twitter Tips: The Cocktail Party Rule

Tuesday Twitter Tips

When it comes to adding value to social media, content is key. But what if content creation isn’t one of your strengths? Well, then that’s where curation comes into play. Curating quality content is an immediate way that you can add value and start building traffic and buzz through your profile. When it comes to interacting on Twitter, the cocktail party rule should be put into effect.

The Cocktail Party Rule

No, this doesn’t mean celebrate every time you get 100 new followers or a retweet from someone with a little influence, although that might do wonders for workplace morale. The cocktail party rule means to simply treat your twitter interactions like those of a cocktail party. The most popular people are those who show genuine interest in what others have to say and share truly engaging information with others.

To put it simply, DON’T ONLY TALK ABOUT YOURSELF. Share and retweet interesting things you come across, answer questions from your followers and ask questions to get conversations going.

When it comes to participating on Twitter, it’s important to be genuine. People can sense when you are trying too hard to get their attention. Instead of pushing your agenda, focus on engaging in meaningful conversations and building relationships with your followers. Ask questions, retweet others’ content, and share relevant articles or blog posts that further the conversation. Not only will this create an environment where people want to participate in discussion but also give you a better idea of what content resonates best with your followers.

For some additional help, check out this post with a few free content curation tools that can help you get started! 

And remember, if you found this Twitter Tip helpful then share it with your following! You never know who else could benefit from this same information and how appreciative they may be to you for providing it.

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