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Introducing Lens Studio and the End of Engagement Baiting

Hello friends and happy Friday! Let's jump right in to all the cool social media updates that happened this week!






End of Engagement Bait

You’ve all seen it. “Tag some who likes pizza.” “LIKE if you love golden retriever puppies.”

I am 100% guilty of tagging everyone in these.

giphy (1)-1 

Engagement bait. Facebook announced that posts like these are going to appear less in your news feed. Facebook obviously wants you to interact with posts, but it wants you to engage with more important and authentic posts.




Facebook Becomes More Accessible

 “ Facebook is working to make its platform even more accessible for blind users and people with low vision.” When I first saw this on Mashable, I was intrigued. How could this even work? But at the same time, how great! It starts with the facial recognition technology that Facebook already utilizes. Facebook will read the details, caption, and a visual description of the photo. It will then tell you who is in the photo, whether or not they are tagged.


Facial Recognition Software and Social Media

Facebook's facial-recognition software will also start notifying you if you are in someone else's profile picture, even without being tagged. You'll now know if a picture of you is shared as Public throughout your knowledge throughout the social network. You may not get a notification if a photo of you is shared with a limited audience, though, because of privacy settings. Creepy or cool? You decide. 




DIY! Make your own augmented reality World Lens. If you’re feeling a 3D experience, hope to ‘Lens Studio', a desktop app to create your lens and submit it for use. I saw this used on the We Rate Dogs snapchat story when the owner created an AR version of his dog. Pretty cute. Check it out below.




Twitter has put a huge focus on what notifications they will send you to prompt engagement. The balance between which notifications are right to send will keep Twitter users coming back for more. They will now also alert you on actions from people that you are already connected with, again with the purpose of gaining engagement from you! 



Tweet of the Week 


Well, the whole MoonPie account is just killing it right now. 


Share the funniest tweets that you saw this week with me! ⇢ and I'll see ya next week! 



Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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