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What's new on your favorite social media platforms this week? Take a look!  


Introducing the Facebook Community Leadership Program participants! On September 23rd, Facebook announced that out of 6,000 applicants they selected FIVE community leaders. These five leaders are from all over the world, but they all want to find innovative ways to help their communities. You can learn more about the program here.  I can't wait to see how it thrives! 

Facebook Community Leadership

Facebook also introduced the launch of CodeFWD this week.

Facebook said,

"CodeFWD is a free online education program created in partnership with Sphero to increase the amount of underrepresented and female students interested in studying computer science."

CodeFWD is launching in the United States in both English and Spanish. This three- step program will help educators "introduce computer programming to 4th through 8th grade students."

How exciting! Click here to learn more! 


Facebook Stories UPDATE: You can put your story ads in Messenger.

As explained by Facebook:

"Now you can include Facebook Stories as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns, delivering your message in a full screen, immersive environment. And soon, you’ll be able to extend the reach and improve the performance of your stories ad campaigns in Messenger, too."


If you've ever wanted to be able to put your Facebook Page in groups, now is the time...almost!!  Facebook Pages can now join Facebook groups if the settings in that group allow it! This could 100% be a benefit. 

Facebook is already a part of our daily lives, but 'Portal', its smart home device, may be available next week. Speak to Facebook in your home. Portal will allow you to speak to Facebook from the comfort of your couch. But why is this something you need? It is said that it will look like Amazon Echo Show.  Stay tuned for Facebook's Portal release. 




First of, Instagram has denied that it is building regramming. Just so you are aware. 

GIFS are now in Insta DM's! Say what you're feeling with more than just a heart or text. 

Instagram GIFs

Also, ICYMI: Instagram's co-founders are leaving from the Facebook-owned company. I am now wondering what is to come because of this....



Most social media platforms have integrated shopping, and Snapchat is no exception. Snapchat announced a partnership with Amazon

As explained by Snapchat:

"Beginning this week, we're testing a new way to search for products on Amazon right from the Snapchat camera. We'll be rolling it out slowly, but we wanted to announce it to everyone at the same time. It's super easy to use. Simply point your Snapchat camera at a physical product or barcode, and press and hold on the camera screen to get started."

That means you'll be able to shop SO EASILY! See a pair of shoes you love that someone is wearing? No problem. 

Snapchat Amazon Partnership



My FBI agent gets it, too. 

Tweet of the Week  


That's it for this week! If you saw something I missed or a funnier tweet, send me an email!

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