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Wrapping up 2018 in Social Media! 📅


'Tis the season of giving! I am here to give you the newest social media updates of the week! 

gift of social media

Was that cheesy? Sure. But when you have the opportunity, you take it. Let's get started! 


Facebook's Portal has new content and new features! New features include:

  • Manual Mode for Smart Camera
  • Nickname Calling
  • Set Kitchen Timers and other Smart Home devices 
  • Tell you the news 
  • Ad-free Facebook Instant Games 
  • Story Time 
  • Superframe 

Facebook has also added new camera tools to Messenger. You've seen boomerangs before, but now you can send them on Messenger!

What's ahead for Facebook Watch? Facebook said, 

"Three months since our global launch, there are already more than 400 million people monthly and 75 million people daily who spend at least one minute on Watch — and on average, these 75 million daily visitors spend more than 20 minutes in Watch. We’re seeing that people are regularly coming back to catch up on the videos they care about and watching for longer periods of time."

We'll keep a watch on Facebook Watch. 

watch Facebook Watch

Do you spend your days wondering about Facebook's Partners? You can find more information about that here


Facebook said, "Today, we’re facing questions about whether Facebook gave large tech companies access to people’s information and, if so, why we did this." 

Just in case you wanted to stay up to date on everything. 


You can now share your music straight to Instagram from Spotify. That's right! Go ahead and share your fave tunes. 

Spotify Instagram Story

In more music news, Instagram added a new music sharing option

Instagram said

"You’ll see the new music icon when you use the questions sticker. When your friends respond, they can choose a song directly from the music library to share with you. Open the viewer’s list to see all their responses, and tap the play button to listen to the songs. When you share your favorites to your story, you’ll be able to capture a photo or video as the music plays in the background."

Instagram Music Feature

There's always new ways to interact and Instagram is adding voice message to DM's. Is this something you would use?

Instagram Voice Message

Calling all influencers! Would you want a special type of account? It might be coming! These 'Creator' accounts would be designed for influencers, artist, and other creatives. What an interesting idea! 

Last but not least, you can find popular hashtags for every day of the week here and Instagram's year in review HERE



FINALLY! One platform has given us the ability to switch between the top and chronological. THANK U, TWITTER! It's really easy. Just tap the new button in the top right corner! 


This hamster was just funny to me this week. So, enjoy. 

Tweet of the Week

What a fun year it's been! What was your absolute FAVORITE social media update from 2018? Let me know →

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