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Netflix + IG Stories

Social media isn't slowing down and neither should you. We're just getting started! 

I'm here to give you the scoop on what's new in social media. Here we go...

new information TWISM 



Rumor has it Facebook is trying to appeal to a younger audience with LOL. Facebook LOL will be a place for funny videos and Gifs. Will this be the next cool thing? #Hip LMK. 

Facebook LOL

It's important to know your audience on all platforms. Does your audience on Facebook want to see the exact same content as your audience on Instagram? Maybe. If so, this tool will be convenient for you. Facebook is offering more cross-posting options. Take note of your audience and decide if it is best for your brand to post the same post on both platforms. If yes, then do it! 

Facebook announced a "new partnership with the Technical University of Munich to support the creation of an independent AI ethics research center." Over 5 years, new technology will be research and impacts of AI will be explored. How neat! 

Create and sign petitions. Yup. You can now do that on Facebook. This feature is called Community Actions

As shared by TechCrunch, 

"Users can add a title, description, and image to their Community Action, and tag relevant government agencies and officials who’ll be notified. The goal is to make the Community Action go viral and get people to hit the “Support” button."

Facebook Community-Actions-Desktop

Facebook's Moments app. Remember it? Well, say goodbye. Moments was created to make it easy to gain access to pictures from events you attended together. Butttttttt, it clearly wasn't working as planned. If you use Moments...let this be a reminder to backup your pictures! 

Safety first. Facebook has announced a new brand safety certification. 

Facebook said

"Today, we’re announcing that DoubleVerify and OpenSlate will be the first two companies to be certified in our new Brand Safety capability of the Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program. The capability recognizes companies offering proprietary solutions that can help Facebook advertisers review content options and control where their ads will appear."

Now that we've gone over Facebook, let's take a look at Instagram. ⬇️⬇️


If you've been sitting there wondering how to download an Insta story... here you go. You might find this helpful! 

Scamming Instagram influencers? No way! Here's a story I recently discovered an Instagram hoax that is getting the better of Instagram influencers! You might find it to be an interesting read. 

This is probably my favorite update so far... Netflix now lets you share what you're watching on your Instagram story! It's like sharing the song your listening to on Spotify, but for Netflix. 

Netflix Instagram Story


According to reports, LinkedIn may be developing its own look-a-like audiences. 

As told by SocialMediaToday

"The addition of lookalikes could provide a significant boost for LinkedIn marketers, adding a whole new consideration to how B2B organizations, in particular, connect with relevant decisions makers."

LinkedIn is also adding new ways to watch the companies you care about. You can find a full list here


More inclusive beauty searches on Pinterest. 😍

"Over the coming weeks, as you search for makeup and hair ideas on iOS, select a palette to narrow your search from the drop down in the upper left corner."

Pinterest Skin-tone Search



The whollleeee purpose of Snapchat was that the Snaps were temporary. Right? Snapchat is reportedly toying with the idea of making snaps permanent. I personally don't think this will go over well... what do you think? 


Original Tweeter is being tested. This will show you WHO started a thread to avoid any confusion. 

Confused Tweet



 Tweet of the Week


Check back in next week to see what's new. While you're at it... Take a look at how to see your competitors Facebook ads and use it to your advantage. 👀 

Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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