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Twitter: Scheduling

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If you’ve read my past blogs, you know that social media scheduling can be both tricky and easy.  However, it’s important for you to understand, and can help you with time management and more!

If you’re familiar with social media, then you probably already understand scheduling for the most part.

There are two important components of all scheduling tactics, which will be discussed later in this post.

Right now, I want to do a brief run through of the main risk that follows scheduling. 

When pre-making post, you’re unaware of future events. Therefore, you’re not positive of what impact your post will make. It’s utterly important to always monitor what post will be published, and when.

Now, with that being said, let’s touch on the highlights of this post: time and audience.  These are two extremely important aspects of scheduling twitter post, and here is why!

First things first, timing!

As I have already stated, the one risk that can come with scheduling post is when they overlap with sociocultural events in the world.  SO, in that case, timing is everything!

Not only is it important for your personal use (time-saving, etc.), but also it is important for business productivity. Being a social media manager can be difficult, especially if you’re working on other projects simultaneously. That’s where scheduling twitter post in advance will boost your productivity. 

It’s smart to set aside about three hours (separate) a week, to segment and schedule your post. 

From this, you will be able to see who interacted with your profile, and when.  Which is super significant for further reference?

It helps you understand whom you need to target, and when you need to target them. 

This is where the audience aspect comes in.

As I just said, when you schedule your post, you’re able to see who you receive the most interactions with and when.

This is a plus because your audience is vital to your understanding when it comes to social media post – period.

When you understand your audience, you further understand your buyer personas and (hopefully) future leads. 

In conclusion, it’s clear that understanding the scheduling aspect of conducting tweets is really important. Particularly, for those of you have a little time on your hands and those of you who are further interested in audience interaction.

Thank you for reading Twitter: Scheduling.  Don’t forget to check back for the other two installments of this blog series.  Also, be sure to check out my e-book, All About That Twitter, that focuses on everything twitter related, and will also teach you the steps to being successful on twitter!

Until next time, cheers!

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