Twitter's #BrandBowl and New Emojis!

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We're back at it again this week with more social media updates.  I find them and try them out so you don't have to. 


This time, Snapchat is following Instagram's lead. This new feature will allow users to change fonts from 'Classic' to 'Glow' and 'Rainbow.' Currently available in Canada, the U.K. and Australia, it is gradually being released to new regions. 



Snapchat is also trying out livestreaming, but not for you. This feature will only be available for publishing partners. It may roll out for other users eventually, but as of now we will just have to wait and see if it catches on! 




With all these updates you may have been wondering if Snapchat's efforts are working in increasing user growth.As of Tuesday, Snapchat's shares increased by 25%. 



Also, just a fun fact you can buy from the Snap Store. Really, whoever came up with the dancing hot dog filter is a genius. 




Instagram is testing a carousel format to story ads! This will include three photos or videos in the same post instead of just one. This will give brands a little bit more creativity in their stories and I'm excited about this change! 




Facebook is adding a section for parent advice. The focus to keep younger users safe.  This portal for parents will educate parents on the risks of Facebook and give tips for how to keep their children safe. 

"...where parents can find the latest information from child development experts, academics, thought leaders and people at Facebook about topics related to kids and technology.” 

I'm not a parent so I don't have a need for this feature, but it will be interesting to see what parents think of it. 




After the Super Bowl, Twitter had it's own #BrandBowl. This gave awards to themost tweeted about Super Bowl commercials. How cool! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 5.18.00 PM

Pepsi came out as #MVP and I would vote Twitter to come out on top with taking a new ownership on a part of the Super Bowl. I'm into it. 



Pinterest launched a new guide to help brands ensure they are making the most of their pin campaigns. This guide gives details on major events and ideas! 

Pinterest said, 

“Our new Possibilities Planner is your cheat sheet to seasonal moments on Pinterest. It tells you when people start planning for each moment, and what matters most at that point in time. You’ll find pages for major moments like Christmas, Back to School and Spring Break. For each moment, we’ve listed out audience reach, top keywords and creative ideas.”




Would it be a new year without the idea of NEW EMOJIS? No, it sure wouldn't. Included will be a partying face, cold face, and much more! 




The Telegram Login Widget is here! Who's excited?! This widget lets businesses connect directly with users of its chat app. 




Following the big game came this gem of a tweet.  



See ya next week for more social media updates! 

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Social Media Enthusiast living in San Antonio, TX.

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