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Website Retargeting on Facebook



First of all, what is Facebook retargeting?

Facebook retargeting is the process of running ads that are targeted to people who have previously viewed your website.  You can choose whether you want it to be the people in the past 30 days or people in the past 180 days. Choosing people in the past 30 days will create a smaller audience, but will also make the information more relevant at the time. Around 90% of people that view your site will leave without signing up for anything. Retargeting gets your business back in the front of their eyes via Facebook ads. Retargeting helps bring website visitors back to complete their purchase, find people who are similar to your website visitors, and build fans. 

How can Facebook tell when someone has visited your website?

A code (also called a pixel) will need to be placed on your website for Facebook to be able to read who is viewing your website. This pixel must be placed on every page of your website. Once someone visits your website it triggers the code.   Follow these steps to create a pixel within the ads manager on Facebook. 

  •  Click Tools from the top menu
  •  Click Pixels > Facebook Pixel
  •  Click Create a Pixel
  •  Give your pixel a name.
  •  Click Create Pixel
  •  Place Pixel Code on your Website

Create a Website Custom Audience

Once your pixel is installed on your website you need to create your audiences.  You can create audiences for everyone that visits your website, everyone that visits a certain page on your website, or a combination. You can target everyone that visits only a certain page on your website by inserting URL keywords. You can also target people that haven't visited your website in a certain amount of time. This is for re-engagement. 


All retargeting can be used to drive website traffic, build an email list, build a fan base, and sell products. This is why website retargeting on Facebook is so important. 


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