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What do we mean by 'what not to do on Twitter?' When a company has a Twitter account and they begin to start posting content and start generating fans it is important that your social media manager keeps a close eye on what is being distributed to the public. What is being posted on your professional Twitter is a direct reflection of what you want to say as a business.

I mean Twitter in general seems easy right? What could you do in just 140 characters that would damage a brand? There have been many slip ups by large brands that have angered the public and they had to do some serious damage control.


"I would never let something like that happen" is something I am sure every person who made a mistake on the business insider article also said. So for now, here are a few things that will show you how 'not' to tweet.

1. Keep your personal account separate from your company’s account.

.. and we mean far, far away. There is a huge difference between what people find appropriate for their friends, and what they find appropriate for their customers. Make sure which account you are logged on to when going to tweet from your phone, because that could lead to a messy situation no one wants to clean up.

2. Do not tweet inappropriate or irrelevant content.

Like any business situation, it is important that your personal life or preferences doesn’t over flow into your Twitter. That is not to say that creative subjects that relate to your business aren’t welcome, it is just the real negative or offensive things should stay off twitter. In our opinion.

3. Do not tell people to buy your products or services.

If you constantly tell people right out to buy your products that will turn people off from your brand. Begging for business is not the best way to approach sales. Entice customers by promoting your company and putting out content that is relevant and that makes them gravitate to your brand.

4. Do not use too many hashtags.

Too many hashtags can look spammy and unprofessional to customers looking at your social media. By using a lot of hashtags you may think that you are getting more people to look at your page and tweets, and they are, but they just aren’t too interested in what you have to say.


All in all the goal is not to stifile your creative flow on social media, these are just some ideas to consider before posting on your Twitter feed. So good luck, and happy marketing!!


Science of Success on Twitter


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