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What To Learn From Working With an Inbound Marketing Agency

To understand what you can learn from an inbound agency, you first need to understand the sole concept of Inbound.

Through the Inbound process, as a marketer your main purpose is to attract, convert and delight your visitors. The process is fundamental for gaining leads and creating customers.  For a more in-depth view of inbound marketing, click here for more information.

Working for an inbound agency has opened up my eyes to how marketing should be.  The days of cold calling and bombarding potential leads with information and questions are in the past.  The future lies within Inbound and revolves around delighting your customers. There is so much that I have learned from working with Inbound, and there’s a lot you can learn too! Here is an image describing Inbound Methodology, which explains what form of communication you should have with your customers – depending on what stage they are in.


(Image via Hubspot)

The following is a list of 3 things that I have learned (and am continuing to learn) from my Inbound Marketing Agency.

How to set SMART goals

The first order of business in regards to your Inbound Campaign is to set SMART goals for your agency, and even yourself. The following will explain what SMART goals are exactly, and how you should use them.

Specific.  Your goals should be detailed, explaining why they’re a set goal and what role they will play throughout your strategy.

Measurable.  Your goals should follow certain standards in order for the goal to eventually be met. They need to meet all aspects of the set criteria.

Attainable. Your goals should be representatives of realistic objectives. You do not want an abstract goal that is too far out of reach, or irrelevant to your objectives.

Relevant. Your goals need to be significant to your company, and be beneficial for your operations.  All of your SMART goals need to be important to your and your company for complete success.

There needs to be a set date that your goals should be achieved by, this will help you stay aware of your situations and help with success.  

Understanding the Buyers Journey

The buyer’s journey is something that all marketers need to be aware of.  In the words of Hubspot the Buyer’s Journey is

“The active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase.”

This explains the process of which every buyer goes through when in search for a particular solution or product. Understanding this process is vital to your company, it helps you as a marketer (or seller) comprehend your buyer’s behavior and the information needs of their problems. The following is a diagram of The Buyer’s Journey, courtesy of Hubspot.

HubSpot-Buyers-JourneyEach of these stages works as a sales funnel for your company.  You’re able to pull your visitors in, convert them into leads, and then continue to work with them as customers.

Understanding Analytics

While working with my Inbound Agency, I have been able to see what great use Hubspot and it’s tools can be to an agency. With the Hubspot Analytics tool, you are able to see how many visits, leads and customers have been generated through social media.  Also, you are able to see click through rates in regards to emails.  By being able to comprehend who you are reaching, and in most cases why you are reaching them; which in turn helps you understand where your marketing dollars are going. This also helps your agency understand who is sincerely attracted to your services, and how to improve your conversion rates as well.

Clearly, Inbound is the way to go. It allows you to reach your visitors, help them with specific problems and cater to their needs without an annoying factor.  There is so much that goes into Inbound, and it can help gain exposure for your entire company. Feel free to share with us what you’re learning from your Inbound Marketing Agency!

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