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Why Facebook ads are Smart Ads



Location, location, location. The idea that is so prevalent in real estate is just as important in the world of advertising. While the platforms we are advertising on are constantly changing, many of the principals remain the same. An example of this is undoubtedly the importance of location. In the old world of advertising you would not want to purchase a billboard hidden behind trees, a commercial spot on a channel no one watches, or an ad on the least read page of the newspaper. Now that advertising has moved online, the importance of location is as strong as ever. Let’s take a look at how Facebook is your most effective platform in terms of maximizing returns from smart location.


Facebook is a destination. It’s a place people go and spend time. Of course Facebook is not a physical location, but the idea of receiving different reactions from audiences based on where you are advertising still applies. Facebook is a place where people go to engage with others. They go there to relax, to pass time, and to get news and information that is relevant to them personally. This results in a different mindset, a mindset full of potential, than any platform in the past. With Facebook advertising, you have the opportunity to connect with consumers at a deeper level because of the mood they are in when they are there. People on Facebook are there because they want to connect with their friends and see things that matter to them. By advertising on Facebook, you can become one those things.


Another advantage Facebook gives you in the location department is “native advertising”. Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. In simpler terms this means that your content will look the same as their friend’s content. This allows you to blend in with their news feeds and assume a less intrusive persona. This is a big advantage over advertising on Google because the modern consumer has learned to tune out banner ads that reside at the sides of pages or interrupt the content they want to see. Native advertising is such a huge opportunity for marketers because it allows them to advertise in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising. It allows them to build trust with their audience, speak to their audience on a more personal level, and connect with their audience in a meaningful manner.


Finally, advertising on Facebook allows you to target an audience more specifically than ever before. In the past you would try and find a location for your advertisement that would reach who the product was for. Facebook has not only made this process simple, but allows you to target by almost any attribute imaginable. You want to target housewives in Chicago that are into Zumba? Done. Facebook makes targeting simple and effective. The days of guessing a location that will reach your audience are over.


Facebook is your answer for effective advertising. Advertising has always been about the right content in the right place and Facebook has perfected this principal. With the right creative content and the right strategies to market your product, Facebook can grow your business at an exponential rate.


Gary Thompson

Atlanta native and director of brand strategy at SociallyIn. Check out some of my work at

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