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Why having a website is better than just a landing page


One marketing approach some people use is creating only a landing page and having no other website. This is a short term strategy, but many people that use the landing page only approach expect long term results. Here's why it's a bad move:

How do you gain trust?

You're in the user's shoes: You've been sent to a landing page and have never heard of the brand before. The only evidence that the brand knows what they're talking about is a sales page talking about how great they are. 

This is unlikely to convince people. They will try to learn more about your company but you have no website for them to go to. Would you trust a company without a website these days? If the company doesn't invest in themselves, why should other people? A website with content that doesn't just sell is a sign the brand knows what they are talking about.

How do you drive traffic without ads?

When you turn off your ads, traffic slows. You may share links via social media, but you offer nothing of value so why will people be interested? Google's algorithm will rank you low since you can only drive traffic via ads and have only one page of content. Organic traffic is unlikely to come your way. 

You have an email list you say? What kind of information do you actually send them? "Thanks! Now I will pester you constantly with sales emails." People will most certainly unsubscribe if that's the case.

how do you build a relevant audience?

Using only a landing page will cause your goal to depend on people converting. Who do you target? The landing page focuses on interests but what about when that doesn't work? 

This is why only looking at the short term is detrimental. When your approach no longer works you have no conversions, no traffic and no audience to target.

don't ignore the 99%

When you create an ad and show it to a cold audience, you're lucky to get 1% of the people to click on it. Of that 1%, most won't convert. Those people may have converted eventually but you had nothing else to offer. The 99% that didn't convert had the potential to convert later but you missed the opportunity. 

People are on various levels of readiness to convert. Create content to pull them into your funnel. By showing how you can help them, they are likely to come back. This means they have the potential to opt-in and that just may lead to sales.


Believe me now? What are your thoughts on the landing page only approach? Let us know!

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