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Why Inbound Marketing Will Make You Question Everything.

Have you ever wondered how marketing has been successful with cold sales and annoying tactics?  Well, that’s one of the first things that came to mind in our endeavor of Inbound Marketing.BuyerPersona_2

Inbound Marketing is an advanced form of marketing that helps you organically attract an audience.  The more I have studied this tactic, the more it makes me question everything revolving around traditional marketing efforts.

The following are 3 questions that you will (more than likely) ask yourself when converting to inbound marketing:

  1. “This is easy, why didn’t we think of this sooner?”

This was my very first thought when starting out in Inbound.  How could I have gone this long believing that traditional marketing was the way to go? Inbound offers so many great opportunities for any industry, and can help you grow your audience database. 

Why this hasn’t been practiced more, and sooner, is beyond me! But I do know, that there isn’t any other form of marketing that I would prefer!

  1. “How on earth did those cold calls ever work?!”

Not only will Inbound make you question why you didn’t start on this sooner? It will also make you question how those old tactics ever worked!

We all know the days of cold calling, door-to-door sales, etc, and how nerve racking and tragic they could be. Unless you were a top of the line sales person, you probably found rare success.  These older tactics are what, for the most part, give marketers a bad rap.  Everyone believes that in marketing all we do is lie, which is a lie within itself.  We help create value to our products, services and most importantly, our customers. 

With Inbound, we are able to eliminate the cold aspects and bring light to the marketing world, by offering helpful information to our audience!

  1. “Will I ever participate in traditional marketing again?”

The answer is usually very simple after participating in Inbound… No.  Not only will Inbound change you view point, it will also change your marketing efforts for good.  Cutting your chains of worn out cold sale dreams, and allowing yourself to never look back!

I hope that this blog brought light to why inbound marketing is so great.  It allows you to use all of your potential to create great content for your audience, rather than bombard them.  Which is what I hope you have grown to understand throughout this blog.

 Please don’t forget to share; you never know when this could benefit your friends as well! Also, don’t be a stranger; check us out! Here at Sociallyin we have a lot of great content, some of which could further help you!


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