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Why is Social Media Marketing so Important

So, you’re already on social media. The only problem is you have no idea if you’re already successful enough. Well, there are signs that would help you know that, and these are:

1. How many followers/fans you have. It’s simple: if you can attract a lot of people to like your page or follow you, it means your brand is capable of getting attention!

2. Ratio of followers. If you have a Twitter account, it’s important to always have more followers than people that you follow. This would make you seem more reputable.

3. Fan Engagement. It’s always good if you have a great relationship with the people who follow you, so they could also recommend you to others.

4. Frequency of Updates. You have to learn how to post in such a way that you don’t post too little, or too much.

5. The Use of Multimedia. Using images/videos in some of your posts could also attract more people!
The results in the infographic were discovered by Fabric Digital during their 60 Second Social Media Study. 


Thank you to Fabric Digital for providing the Infographic for this article. If you enjoyed learning about why social media marketing is important then you would like our Free Ebook Social Media Resources.


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Jonathan Reeves

I am an experienced nonprofit professional, skilled in Fundraising, Marketing, and Development. When it comes to advancing your organizations mission and outreach, I go the distance, using every networking tool available to reach the target demographic. When not working for a nonprofit or other business, I use my skills to advance historic and genealogical research for individuals, organizations, and anyone looking to know more about the past.

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