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Why Neil Patel is one of the Greatest Entrepreneurs Alive

You’ve heard of Neil Patel: one of the most successful marketers on the web, who is also considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs alive. But how did he get to be so well known and admired in the grand scheme of internet marketing as we know it today? What are the secrets behind his growing fame and fortune? Let’s dig in.

Neil Patel’s Early Birth Into Success

Neil Patel was born on the 24th of April, 1985 in London, England. At two years old, his family immigrated to America and settled in California, where they lived a fairly modest middle-class life.

Neil’s first adventure out into digital marketing happened at the age of sixteen when he launched “Advice Monkey” and then started taking early college classes for general education at Cypress Community College. It wouldn’t be long after this that Neil landed his first marketing client, Elpac Electronics at $3,500 a month.

This only began to spiral out into bigger and bigger ventures as time went on. In 2006, Neil launched his first blog, “ProNet Advertising” and In 2007, he launched the Quick Sprout blog and got funding from True Ventures, which opened the door for the birth of KISS metrics in 2008.

Neil was already being recognized as a top influencer by sites like Search Engine Journal and Entrepreneur, but he still had big plans.

By the time Neil moved on from KISSmetrics in 2014, he had launched a 100,000 monthly visitor challenge on his personal blog, Neil Patel, and had easily become one of the most well-known marketers on the internet.

What Makes His Success Strategy So Unique?

Neil believes in staying passionate and motivated even when things look hopeless. This method of thinking is what he believes continues to spur him further and further onto a path of success.

It was Neil’s sister who encouraged him to start college classes at Cypress, which made his dreams of finishing college in two years a more real possibility.

Neil wasn’t born into fame and fortune. He earned it through a lot of disappointment, hard work, and a drive to explore the realm of digital marketing a little deeper.

A Wealth of Information

If anyone knows how to best approach digital marketing, It’s Neil. His site has more visitors a day than most small companies can hope for in a month. And sometimes even a year.

His secret? He tweeted an episode of his podcast on Oct. 9th, 2019 and said: “Connecting in person, giving thoughtful gifts and being generous are only a few of the ways in which you can make a lasting impression…” What is there to learn from this Tweet; even by itself?

First, ask yourself what Neil seems to advocate for the most and what he does with his wealth of information.

He’s sharing it! He’s giving young entrepreneurs a key to success by giving them pointers and telling them to never give up. He’s giving SEO consultants and marketing companies immense amounts of information they can use to make marketing easier and more targeted.

By sharing what he knows with the world, Neil is building trust and brand recognition, as well as giving others the opportunity to succeed.

Neil is an SMM Advocater

Neil believes in pushing the limits of the power behind Social Media Marketing. Why? Because he believes that by engaging with your customers and taking time to get to know them and their concerns, delights, and interests, you’ll create an endless cycle of attraction, engagement and referral.

But wait, does this mean that organic advertising in social media is better than paid? Or does it make a difference?

Neil wrote a blog explaining how you can integrate the two together to kill the competition and said: “Creating great content might no longer be enough for turning potential customers…especially if you’re looking for fast business results with help from the social networks. A quicker way to achieve decent traffic numbers, up your conversion rate and generate revenue is by incorporating paid media marketing in your strategy.”

The Only Way To Go is Up

So how did someone from such a humble beginning; who would also face a lawsuit and in a different venture lose around a million dollars stay motivated and build a brand in the wake of the disappointment he had faced time and time again through the process of building his multi-million dollar brand?

In an interview on Forbes in 2016, author Dan Schawbel asked Neil what had kept him motivated through his career, and Neil told him that “I had nothing to lose” and that “The only way to go was up.”

Since then, his company has only grown, proving that if you consistently work to move upward and let go of the doubts that plague your mind, success is oftentimes just around the corner.


Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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