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Why Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

Imagine that you're the owner of "the Bike Store" specializing in custom motorized bicycles and due to some nice user videos, you're getting 20K plus hits to your website each month. The problem is, it's coming from motorcycle lovers. That's some valuable traffic, too bad you aren't getting any value from it. But somewhere deep off in there you'll find people who have an actual interest in what you have to offer. Those quality leads are the ones you want to pay the most attention to. 
Check out these additional resources that'll help you get the most from your efforts: 
Keys to Delighting Your Customers
When crafting your strategy, the same applies. Set quality SMART goals that lay out a clear path to success for the client and your team. These goals should make it easy to track progress all the way through completion of the goal at hand. Evaluate the resources you have, now how can you use those to get the most points on the board? 
Need some help utilizing your resources? Let's talk about it 
Positioning yourself as a thought leader when it comes to Higher Ed selection, you'll get a lot of parents, students, and even alumni who find their way to your site from a CTA or social media link, etc. The content is what gets them there and it's your job to make sure you have extraordinary content that will keep them there. Always aim for quality remarkable content that will resonate with your audience. Having a surplus of content might get you the views, but the quality of your content is what gets you students, faculty, staff and donors. Quality beats quantity every time. 
Inbound Marketing For Higher Education

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