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Why the Next 5 Years of Pinterest Will Smash the Last 5


In April of this year, Pinterest turned 5 years old. A month earlier they had recorded 79.3 million unique users. Male visitors have doubled in the past year in the US and 80% of use comes from a mobile device. 

Advertising on Pinterest:

Pinterest is rapidly growing and will soon be on the same stage as Twitter and Facebook. Targeting and data have given it a big advantage. Their promoted pins are a good start, but deeper targeting will make them an even bigger player. Right now, promoted pins are only available to US-based businesses, but be on the lookout for the full launch. The app provides a look at the interests of the evolving consumer. This is good for one-to-one messages which tend to appeal to consumers more than the generic, one size fits all blast. 

Pinterest Analytics:

Pinterest analytics was launched in mid-2014. It shows the numerical performance of pins and boards and displays demographic data of interacting users. Some of the specifics are how pins are doing (the number of impressions), the boards with the top pin impression, pins that rank higher in search, and pins with the most engagement to name a few. You are given information about the people interacting with your pins so you are able to target better and find new market opportunities. You can see the interests of your followers so you can pin things that align with their interests. For instance, Lowe's saw that their followers liked home decor and art so they pinned tips for decorating your home. You can see the other businesses your followers engage with and see what makes them successful.



There are companies that will help you make sense of all the social data. Tailwind, a Pinterest marketing developer partner, is trusted by many big brands including Nike and eBay. Here at Sociallyin we also use Tailwind. With their software, you are able to maximize your reach, measure success, and save time. You are given a 360-degree view related to your company, products, and competitors. It is easy to use; they do the hard work for you!

Pinterest has offices in Brazil, the UK, France, Germany and Japan and continue to push international expansion. You'll be able to reach more users than ever. According to USA Today, co-founder and chief creative officer Evan Sharp said, "We feel good about the next 5 years."

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