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Why Your Marketing Never Works Out the Way You Planned


You have a great marketing plan in place and have high expectations for the results. Then, nothing. What happened, where did things go wrong? I have some theories about what could be wrong and how to fix the problem. If you want to know why your marketing never works out, read on!


1. You continually use the same vocabulary to describe yourself

Words such as "excellent", and "premier" mean nothing to customers. Especially when you use them to describe yourself. What makes you so excellent? Go out and do something that actually sets you apart. PlayStation says, "Live in your world. Play in ours", then show what makes them superior to the other gaming systems available.

2. You aren't passionate about what you do

If you aren't passionate about your work it shows through in your brand. Who wants to have a job they don't love going to every day? When you are devoted to your company it creates a meaningful impression for customers. You can inspire them to be passionate about your brand as well!

3. You don't really know your customers

Sure, you have your age range and other demographics that describe your customer. But they are more than just stats. Do you know why the stay at home mom goes to yoga or how she feels about the SUV she drives? Get rid of assumptions and start asking questions.

4. You only focus on yourself

Lots of companies' goals are still related to profit which lacks a higher purpose and they only talk about themselves. Neither of these things adds value for the customer; which should ultimately be an end goal. Focus on your customer and always provide something of value to them, e.g. tips, eBooks, etc.

5. You don't assess your marketing efforts

If you don't monitor your marketing efforts, you could still be using an approach that isn't working. So you are wasting time, money and maybe even customers. You should constantly be reviewing what is and isn't working for you and adjust your plan. Know where and how you are spending money and reassess to make smart marketing decisions.

Another tip to think about is outsourcing things you aren't as good at. And remember, it takes time to build momentum so be patient as you wait for results. Marketing is not a one-time activity, it's an on-going process. Stay engaged!


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