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What's up in the social media world?! Let's take a look!



Did you know Facebook has 2.7 BILLION USERS? Facebook is making it a priority to continue to improve and "deliver new experiences that meaningfully improve people’s lives.”

Cheers to that! 

Facebook Reaction

If you've ever said something you regret in FB Messenger you can now unsend it. This feature is already available on Instagram, so it's not a huge deal. One thing to note is that you can only retract a message within the 10 minutes of sending it. 

FB Messenger Unsend Tool


Let's talk about the egg. You know the one. The WORLD RECORD EGG. You can read more about the man behind the egg here

A quiz sticker could also be coming to Instagram stories! This could for sure be a fun way for brands to gain some engagement on their stories. How would you use this feature if it became available?

Instagram Story Quiz


We're all aware that Google+ will be leaving us. Google announced the official end date as April 2nd. Say your last goodbyes before then! 

Goodbye Google+


What happened on Snapchat in January? Take a look at Snap Chatter for all trending topics! The image below covers U.S. trending topics!

Snapchat Trending Topics



Will tweet editing ever come? Not sure. Butttt you can now edit Twitter images on a desktop. Now you can resize and crop your image! It's really a small change, but maybe it will help you out! 


YouTube is testing and expanding its explore tool. It's the same idea as Instagram's Explore Tab: to give you recommended content that you may like to see. 

YouTube Recommendations



It's not a tweet of the week this week. It's an Instagram post. If you haven't watched the Instagram World Record Egg. HERE YOU GO


New Call-to-action

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Social Media Enthusiast living in San Antonio, TX.

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