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X Marketing: Made Easy | The All-in-One Guide For Your Business

Are you ready to learn to utilize X as the perfect marketing tool for increasing brand awareness, boosting conversions, driving conversations around your brand, and boosting website traffic?

If the answer is yes, you're in the right place because today we're diving into the ins and outs of X marketing for beginners and professionals alike.

Ready to get started? Get ready to take notes and let's party! 🎉






What is X Marketing?

X marketing is an idea or plan that involves putting money and energy into creating a strategy that will drive traffic, engagement, and sales for your business. It can be especially effective for brands that put focus on politics, blue-collar industries, the media industry, and B2B sales.


Whether you're totally new to the concept of X marketing or know your way around the block, this guide is going to help take your online brand to the next level through strategical analysis and planning for results you can SEE.

How Can X Marketing Benefit My Business?

X is, in a lot of ways, the PERFECT marketing platform because it costs NOTHING to have a presence on X, promote your brand organically, gather data, share related content with your target market, provide assistance and customer service, AND to top it all off, X gives you the opportunity to expand your reach and find conversations that are taking place around your brand.

This free exposure, (though it takes work) can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business if you decide to learn how to properly wield it.

And that's what we're putting the spotlight on today.

What is an X Marketing Strategy? And How Can it Benefit My Business?

An X marketing strategy is a blueprint that lays out exactly how your brand will approach the creation, publication, and distribution of content, as well as how you will approach analyzing and improving upon your efforts.

It takes the same amount of energy and works to create an X digital marketing strategy  as it does any other social media platform strategy, so be prepared to:

         #1 Create buyer personas

         #2 Create content (it should be engaging and unique)

         #3 Plan a content schedule

         #4 Analyze the results of your strategy

How to Create an X Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, X digital marketing isn't as simple as just showing up and Xing. As we mentioned before, there's quite a bit of legwork to do prior to beginning to see massive success on the platform.

#1 Run an Audit on Your X Account

If you don't already have an X account, this is when you would create one. However, for those of you who have an existing account, it's time for an audit.

Look over your whole profile and make notes about what content has performed and what hasn't in the past.

This is also a great time to update contact information, and URLs and analyze the performance of the hashtags you're using.

Your X Analytics Dashboard will give you all of the information you need to correctly audit your profile to find out what's working and what isn't and what you can improve to grow your audience.

boost company growth with social media

#2 Embrace a Brand Voice

So what particularly interests crowds on X?

As one of the most engaging places to find your audience, X marketing is impossible without embracing a particular brand voice and tone.

This is because the X universe is looking specifically for businesses that are authentic and true to themselves, even when it comes to content and the way it is presented.

Are you fun-loving and mischievous or more on the professional end of the spectrum? Maybe you want to be a little snarky, engaging and informative all at once.

Whatever tone you settle on, just make sure it's an accurate depiction of your brand as a whole.

#3 Utilize Hashtags for X Marketing

X's with relevant hashtags get almost DOUBLE the engagement and views than those that don't utilize them with each tweet. 

Now, this absolutely does NOT mean that it is wise to load up every X with hashtags. Instead, be mindful of which hashtags you're using and keep it to 5 tops.

Some brands also take the time to create their own hashtag and encourage others to use them as well. This can be a hashtag around a particular event, product, or related service.

If you're having trouble finding which hashtags are best for your brand, Sprout Social has a trend report that's great for keeping up with #whatstrending and we 10/10 recommend it.

#4 Determine the Best Times to Post on X

If you want your X's to get the most exposure, you'll need to pinpoint when the optimal times to post are for your particular business and industry.

A good general rule of thumb is to post anytime between 9 and 11 on Wednesdays and Fridays, but the window is a lot larger with better research.

(Between 8 AM and 4 PM on Fridays is a GREAT time to garner the most engagement.)

#5 Schedule Your X's to Save Time (And Sanity!)

While there are certainly exceptions to this, (we're looking at you, Oreo. ;)) the majority of your X's should be planned, written and any relevant content designed several weeks in advance with constant monitoring to ensure it's still up to par and not going to ruffle feathers by being posted at the wrong time.

The main takeaway is to be CONSISTENT. Even if you're only posting once a day, it's important to stay on top, but also stay RELEVANT. 

#6 Go All Out With Engagement

It's all about engaging with your audience, sharing in their struggles, providing solutions, and educating them around HOW you can help them achieve their goals.

But in addition, it's also about engaging with the individuals who are talking about your brand, including when it relates to supporting questions, praise, and disappointment.

The truth is that X digital marketing can be a GREAT way to address customer service issues when you're properly wielding it as a tool for help and support.

#7 Set Goals and Make a Move to Reach Them

One of the most important parts of X digital marketing is setting attainable goals and taking the steps you need to reach them. This can include setting goals for follower counts, a percentage engagement increase, or any measurable goal-so long as you're keeping up with it and truly working to make it an attainable one.

You can also set goals for general X marketing growth. Maybe you've set a goal for when you're planning on discussing ads with a social paid ads agency, or you're working to generate leads through a downloadable guide and/or email newsletter.

However you decide to approach the situation, just remember to keep it attainable so that you can feel confident about reaching your goals and expanding growth over time. Remember: no great progress happens overnight.


7 steps guide to create a twitter marketing strategy

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X Marketing for Business

Okay, so you've got your profile optimized, you're setting goals and you're using hashtags, but there's more to it in the grand scheme of X marketing for business...right?

content deck Sociallyin 2021

#1 Brand Your Profile

You don't want anyone to have to GUESS about whether or not your X profile belongs to you. This might take a little work, but branding your profile is a (very) important part of X marketing for the business world.

A few ways you can do this would include:

  • Branding your X handle: like @skincare_central or @nextgenmedgroup. As another example, our handle is @sociallyin on every platform. No exceptions.
  • Update your X Header: by providing a header that is unique to your brand and includes your logo, you're reminding people who are with just a glance.
  • Update your X profile picture: the preferred approach to this would be your logo and/or a picture of yourself if you're taking the influencer approach.
  • Update your X bio: You'll have 160 characters or less to work with here, so it needs to be direct, to the point, and personal.
  • Don't forget a website URL!
  • Give your company a birthday: this can be the day your company was founded or how long you've actively been in business- may be the day you started dreaming big enough to consider your company an option!

#2 Utilize X Marketing for Driving Traffic to Your Website

Anytime someone X's a direct link to your website mentions your website or includes information from your website, it's time for a SHARE!

You can also embed X's on your website, so consider launching X ads and regularly incorporating your URL in X's.

#3 Get Your Business Verified on X

Depending on the size of your company and your following, you may want to consider getting verified sooner rather than later.

This can help build trust with your audience because they can be immediately aware of the fact that YES they're conversing with a verified company and that it's truly you. And you're there to help them.

#4 Focus on Growing Your X Following

The larger your X following, the more people will see your content, right? Of course. So growing your X following should be among the most important aspects of your X digital marketing campaign.

Thankfully, there are several relatively easy ways to make this happen.

  • Making ALL of your X content easily shareable. Anywhere.
  • Using brand-specific, unique and relevant hashtags.
  • Hosting giveaways and contests.
  • Asking questions.
  • Getting a push in the right direction with help from relevant X influencers.
  • Interact with your followers by sharing their content, re-sharing, liking, and commenting on their X's. Prove you're worthy of a follow!
  • Use images and videos to boost views.

Sometimes, following relevant X users in your industry can also be a great way to get some attention. Especially if you're taking the time to interact on a daily basis.

Remember: it only takes a few minutes to drop a like and a comment. So make it happen!

X Marketing Best Practices

When it comes to X marketing, utilizing the best social network platform practices is the ultimate key to success. 🔑

In this instance, we're going to go over some of the lesser-known best practices to give you a head start on the best ways to give YOUR brand a boost in the X digital marketing realm.

#1 Test, Test, TEST! And Then Test AGAIN!

There is a universe of things to learn from your X marketing efforts. By utilizing your successes, failures, and anything and everything in between, you're giving yourself the opportunity to continually improve your efforts over time.

What messages are truly resonating with your audience? Which content seems to draw them in more easily and readily? Is there particular copy, images, or hashtags that often lead to more sales?

These are all things you can be taking notes on and learning from- even at the very beginning of the process.

Every effort is worth measuring!

#2 Plan Ahead With Evergreen X's

In *addition* to your content schedule full of X's on the daily, we 10/10 recommend storing a large selection of Evergreen, approved X's for when you need some extra content, for whatever reason.

This will help you stay on top, even in a pinch!

#3 Crown a Content Theme King

Another great way to create engagement and garner excitement from your audience is crowing a different content theme king a few days a week.

For example mindful Monday, tell-all Tuesday, studious Saturday, etc.

This will also make planning and scheduling content so much easier!

New call-to-action

#4 Improve Your Response Time with a List of Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

It's all in the title, y'all.

Save yourself and your team an immense amount of time AND garner more trust and care points from your audience with lightning-fast response times thanks to already answered questions.

(Saving them in a Google spreadsheet will help you keep everything organized as efficiently as possible.)

#5 Keep an Eye Out for Relevant Opportunities to Connect

By staying on top of trending hashtags, relevant conversations, and hashtags and looking out for mentions, you're opening the door to more opportunities to connect and grow your following.

A 10/10 as far as best practices go.


Why Use X for Social Media Marketing?

X is home to more than 330 million monthly active users, making it quite the platform for businesses just getting started in the social media marketing space.

In addition, it's relatively easy to use and makes growth tracking a breeze.

Also, it's just plain fun.

How to Market on X Effectively?

If you want to embrace a form of wildly effective X marketing, there are only a few rules you have to stick to. These rules include:

1) Engaging regularly with your audience

2) Using relevant hashtags

3) Correctly branding your profile

4) Publishing content at least once a day

5) Following conversations around your brand

Why is X a Good Marketing Tool?

X is home to more than 330 million monthly active users and constantly growing as more brands and individuals move to the platform for updates in the political, national, and local spheres.

With so many potential customers and so many available tools for accelerating brand growth, it's no wonder that so many brands have taken advantage of the Twitter platform for brand growth.

How Do You Use X for Marketing?

The important thing is to stay relevant, connect and engage on a daily basis and provide your audience with the solutions they need to solve their everyday problems.

This approach works for both B2C and B2B X marketing.

How to Use X for Marketing Purposes?

If you're looking to use X for marketing purposes, you need to brand your profile, look for ways to engage and connect with your target audience, take advantage of trending conversations and hashtags, and X post at least once a day with relevant, engaging and informative content.

Experience Next Level Growth With X Marketing

Whether you're a big, medium, or small business, there's little doubt that your brand could succeed on X with the proper digital marketing strategy, tools, and expertise.

If you're interested in getting involved in the space, we want to help YOU get there with thumb-stopping, relevant content that speaks volumes about your brand before customers ever reach your website.

Click down below TODAY and let's launch your X marketing campaign so you can start seeing results ASAP!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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