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Your Business Periscope Guide


As a social media generation we are always looking for something new.  We love to read about the world on Twitter, view pictures on Instagram, and connect with friends and family on Facebook.  What if you could watch what was happening in a completely different part of the world? What if you could see the world through someone else's eyes while it's actually happening. Periscope lets you do just that!  

The best time to start using Periscope is when you have a solid social media following. You will be able to use those channels to direct people to your Periscope. The videos will only stay up for 24 hours so you may want to save and repurpose the videos you make for later use. This will be effective in the long run.

 How can you combine your business with Periscope? What would you even Periscope about?


If you are introducing a new product or just showcasing an old one, you can do a live demonstration with it. Your audience can tune in and type questions that you and everyone else viewing will see in real time. While doing your live demonstration you can answer viewer questions and questions you feel many people may need answered. 

Live Chats

This is the same idea as a Twitter Chat but instead of typing you are live.  You may want to start this up as an every week occurance.  Talk about marketplace trends or share industry news.  This is the perfect place to share something exciting that is happening within your business that you haven't gotten the chance to write about yet.  

Behing the Scenes

This is a great place to take a tour around your office and show your audience about your company on a more personal level.  Hootsuite did a campaign called #FollowTheSun. This campaign gave their employees in all different offices around the globe the chance to show the unique work environment. After this campaign, inbound applications increased. 


Live Events

If your business hosts live events periscope is a great way to engage your audience that can't be there or entice them to get in their car and get there. This allows people from all of the world to view your event and increase your name regonition. 

Tell A Story

Periscope is a unique way to tell your business' story.  On the anniversary of when you started your company, you can start your story from the very beginning. Tell your audience why you chose the industry you did. Give tips to others that may be in the position you were in. Consumers will embrace your brand if they see the passion you have for it. 

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