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Hey guys I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Before you go sprinting into the week, check out everything that's new on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for the week! 

 social media excitement


Facebook is still trying to stay transparent. They are now testing new info labels for branded content partnerships. It makes sense that they take another step in this direction. You will know exactly which brand or companies are working together and build trust. 



No one is shocked that Instagram would see features that we already see on Facebook. Spotted this week was the ability to 'react' to a story with an emoji. This essentially gives your audience another way to engage. Note that there was not an angry emoji option. Let's keep it positive, people! 

instagram story reactions


If you keep your profile on private you've had the options to choose who follows you. If your profile is public you can now remove followers if you have an Android. When you block a user, they can see. When you remove them, they can't. I am not sure that this was a completely necessary change, but I'm sure that all of the little things Instagram is doing will lead us to something even bigger. 


With everyone's location turned on, Snapchat has TONS of information. They are looking to use that information to give to marketers in a new data series called "Footprints." 

β€œOver 90% of Snapchatters opt-in to share their location, and they interact with Snapchat approximately 25 times a day.”

This will highlight what users are doing and help predict future campaigns around these activities. 

snapchat footprint


Twitter added a fun little feature to let your followers know how long you've been on the app. It appears I've been on Twitter for SEVEN years now and I don't see the end anywhere in sight. (Don't pay attention to my followers, I literally just retweet funny tweets.) 

Twitter timeline


Thank you, Luke. A true hero. 

tweet of the week


Catch me next week! If you see a new feature on social media that I need to know about, let me know! 

You can email me at!

Lizzie Williamson

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