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The Quick-Starter Guide to B2B Marketing on Facebook

If you're a marketer on the lookout for B2B marketing secrets for Facebook, you're in the right place.

Facebook is the most popular, (and thus most populated) social media platform on the web and app store, with a whopping 2.38 BILLION monthly active users. And surprisingly, there are around 1.56 BILLION who log in every single day to check up on the latest happenings, connect with family and friends and even their favorite brands.

Eve with all the negativity that's been spinning around about Facebook and the privacy concerns, users haven't made any move to other platforms. In fact, the audience using Facebook is actually growing.

Enter Facebook B2B Marketing: Is it worth the investment? How does it work? Let's get started, shall we?

How to Get Started With B2B Marketing on Facebook

There are three things you will get out of marketing your brand to other businesses on Facebook, (and this applies to both B2C companies AND B2B companies) and that is awareness, consideration and conversions.

Within each of these categories exist sub-categories.

For instance: under awareness you'll find reach, brand awareness and brand recognition. Under consideration you'll find things like engagement, app installs, views, traffic and lead generation. And lastly, under conversions you'll find store visits, total sales, etc.

This is important to keep in mind because when it cmes to marketing B2B on Facebook, you'll need to focus on a couple of things specifically: brand awareness and recognition, traffic, lead generation and the overall conversions.

From the first sub-category to the last, this is your sales funnel that feeds into a flywheel of attracting, converting and delighting your customers. Each of these sub-categories need to be made into campaigns with the goal being the sub-category.

Let's say your campaign is geared towards app downloads, (or, in other words, lead generation and/or traffic) then all of the content for this campaign should have a CTA of "Download our app NOW!" or similar.

QUICK TIP: when it comes to a conversion campaign, do NOT send prospects to your homepage. Instead, send them to a properly optimized, well-flowing and organized landing page. You'll have a higher rate of conversions, believe me.

Does Advertising Matter More Than Organic Marketing?

You can read more about HOW to go about advertising on Facebook specifically HERE.

Advertising allows you to experiment with lookalike audiences, get in front of more businesses, share your knowledge and your tools with others and above all, collect extremely valuable data for marketing in the future.

Organic marketing is powerful as well, (and even moreso in the last several years) but in order to be successful, there must be a lot of both playing into the bigger picture.

Advertising gives you information. Data. A better picture of what the future might look like.

You can use this data when it comes to what your audience is looking for and why they need your tools, knowledge and expertise.

And this, in and of itself, is a gift. (Not to mention all the conversions you can get from just advertising in general, of course.)


The Biggest But Not Well-Kept Marketing Secret? Providing Value.

The new market currency, when it comes to businesses, is value. Why do other businesses need you? What do you have that they want? What can you give them that will ultimately lead to their greater success?

THIS is what you want to pitch. This is the biggest but not so well-kept B2B marketing secret: VALUE!

You need to show your audience what you have, whether it be tools, software, expertise, assistance, etc, that can a) make their life easier, b) make them more money or c) solve a problem for them that is keeping them from experiencing business growth and the ease of the process.

Especially in recent years, things like cold emailing and cold calling have ultimately lost the effectiveness that they once held in the arsenal of marketing tools. Now the real emphasis lays upon the shoulders of those marketers that are wise enough to provide value in the face of an industry that is yelling for clarity and connections. The businesses around you want your secrets to success. They want to know what problems you can solve for them.


Building Connections is the Future

If there's one thing I can guarantee that will reshape the way you look at B2B marketing on Facebook, it's that the future will offer us less of the "buy my product!" approach. Instead, we'll see more of an emphasis on building lasting connections that allow us to grow and learn together.

Business owners and professional marketers are smart. You can't market the way you did in the past. The future calls for us to change our approach and the approach that is now the future of marketing is building connections, sharing our insight and providing value in our industries. Helping businesses to see the ways in which THEY can provide value and helping THEM grow and solve problems for THEIR businesses.

And marketing B2B on FB is no different.

Do you have any secrets into providing insight for your audience across platforms? And maybe Facebook specifically? We want to hear all about it!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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