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Posted by Olivia Chatham on May 29, 2015

Advertising on Social Media: Facebook

Steps for how to successfully advertise on facebook social media

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In today's digital world, advertising on social media is crucial in expanding the brand and image of your business. With space on social media becoming competitive and now "pay-to-play", some may be hesitant in moving forward. However, Facebook's number of users currently reaches over 1.44 billion, proving that the cost for advertising is definitely worth it. 

Facebook Campaign Structure and Ad Types

Facebook ad campaigns are structured into three levels: the campaign, ad set, and ad. Creating your ad campaign starts with setting the objective of your campaign, then deciding your target audience and pricing, and finally finishing with the creative aspects such as choosing images, writing copy, and selecting ad placements.

Promoted Post

A promoted post is a post created specifically as an ad that you pay for to promote your services to Facebook users. It will show up in users' news feeds like a normal post but not on your Facebook business page and you will have the word "Sponsored" displayed under the name of your business page. 

Boosted Post

A boosted post is an organic post on your Facebook business page that you pay for, and Facebook will deliver your post to a wider audience than a promoted post. Boosted posts focus on reaching your existing fans and engagement on your Facebook page's posts.

Targeting Your Desired Audience 

The next step is deciding on your target audience. This is where you choose who your campaign is targeting.

Targeting by Custom Audience

This allows you to choose specific lists of people to target, so you don't have to go through a third party vendor in order to retarget.

Targeting by Demographics

This includes location, age, gender and language. The next layer digs even deeper with demographics, such as relationship status, education, work industry and financial status.

Targeting based on Actions Taken

Targeting by users' interests allows one to search for specific keywords related to your offer that one might be interested in, such as "inbound marketing".


Choose to set either a daily maximum budget or total budget. You can also decide if you want to run the campaign immediately and continuously or if you want to customize the start and end dates.


A bid is the highest amount one is willing to pay to get a viewer to take a certain action on your ad. 

Creating Images and Copy

Designing the Image

Adding an image is a requirement for Facebook ads. The ideal image size is 1200 by 627 px. 

Writing Ad Copy

Make sure you address the main point to the viewer. Also, include a call-to-action, such as "download" or "learn more" to entice the user to continue.

Experimenting with Ad Variations

You've now created your Facebook ad! You can now A/B test, which is testing several ads in the same campaign to determine which is best performing, in terms of clicks and other elements of Facebook's algorithms.

Display Your Ad

Now is the step to select ad placements. The choices are desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, and right column- you can select any or all of these options. Review your selections to make sure they're correct and place your order. Congrats, your campaign is now launched!

Analyzing Ad Success

It is very important to assess the ad and make changes when necessary to ensure long-term success. Check on the results of your ad one and two days after. If it is too expensive for the results it's generating, stop running it after a few days.

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New Call-to-action

Keep these methods in mind and you will be successful in advertising on social media in no time!

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