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Posted by Maddie Comer on August 14, 2015

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Blogging has become a huge asset to brands. Let us tell you how blogging can help your business.

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According to WordPress, users produce about 53.6 million new posts each month. And there are over 409 million people viewing the billions of blog pages. With blogs having such a large reach, why shouldn't businesses be taking advantage of them? Here is how blogging can help your business:


1. Blogs fuel SEO. Search engines like valuable content and will reward you for it. This will drive traffic to your site.

2. It is a great way to connect with customers and share relevant information.

3. Most businesses that blog acquire more customers.

4. Blogging gives your company a voice. You can talk about your services, news, trends, etc. Let your personality shine through.

5. It creates free PR.

6. Blogs are cost-effective marketing instruments. Every post is a long-term asset that builds brand awareness and promotes your brand.

7. Writing a blog shares your expertise. You are able to position yourself as a thought leader.


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