Manufacturing Companies Can Use Content Marketing Too?

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Traditional marketing efforts, such as tv/radio ads and cold calling, are increasingly being replaced with a new concept called content marketing. You create and distribute valuable, relevant and compelling content for customers and prospects. More and more manufacturing companies are adopting this marketing approach. 

When searching for a solution to their problems, most people start with the Internet. So it is necessary for manufacturing marketers to understand search engines. They key is to be a part of the conversation with customers and prospects and provide valuable information to them. Creating content is not always easy so Joe Pulizzi created the B.E.S.T. framework to help with content creation.

Behavioral- You have a purpose for everything you communicate with your customers. What do you want them to do? Make sure there is an action to be taken.

Essential- Deliver information that your prospects need to succeed. What tips do your customers need?

Strategic- Your content marketing efforts need to be aligned with your overall business strategy.

Targeted- For your content to be truly relevant, you must target your content. Who is your ideal customer? What media channel do they use the most? What do they do for a living? What are their values?


So yes, manufacturing companies can use content marketing. Not only that, they should be using it! The majority of people start their research of a product by searching the Web. Not having a Web presence could kill a new business opportunity. Start using content marketing now! 



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AuthorMaddie Comer

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