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3 Attractive Offers for Inbound Marketing

Tired of creating the same offers over and over? Well, we're here to show you create 3 attractive offers for your audience!3_Attractive_Offers_for_Inbound

If you create content for inbound marketing, sometimes it becomes a bore when you’re constantly creating the same ‘ole offers.  

Not only do you get tired of it, so does your audience.  No one really wants to read 5 ebooks, about similar topics and with similar styles.  

You need to switch it up, explore other options, and keep your audience interested.  After all, you’re writing and creating to delight your audience - so why not spice things up a little?

The following are 3 different options for offers, among many.  



When you implement a slideshow as an offer, you are contributing a valid offer to your audience.    Not only is it something different, it keeps it interesting for your audience.  With a slideshow, you are able to offer them many more options than you are with an ebook.  

There are many added benefits such as voice overs, animated slide transitions, as well as interactive infographics.  

Slideshow’s are not only beneficial for the audience though.  They also offer a diverse amount of content for your company.  Which in turn, shows that you are flexible and like to appeal to everyone.  


Video is a content offer beast of its own.  There are so many aspects of video offers that will delight your audience.  

With videos your options are endless.  You can create webinars, interactive videos and much more! 

When creating a webinar video offer, you are allocating for a pre-aired webinar.  From that, your recording can be used as a content offer.  The information you used in the webinar should still be relevant (that’s something to be aware of), and useful.  You want your audience to gain functional knowledge, so always keep that in mind.  If your audience is delighted with the information, then chances are, they will come back for more - and possibly even sign up for a live webinar offered! 

When creating a video offer, it’s important that you be much more personable.  Since webinars are more technical, and a lot of times (in a webinar) your face is not shown, only your voice is heard, it’s hard to be personable.  This where video offers save the day.  You’re able to “face” your audience, and give them the information they need and want - all while they can see who you are!






Some may think infographics are a little too simple for an offer.  However, on the contrary, they’re a great choice.  Many infographics are interactive, and provide great content.  

Not only are infographics great offers, they’re also really easy to create.  At Sociallyin, we’ve found that the easiest way to make great infographics is via Powerpoint.  It allows you build one full of content, and even allows for you to include hyperlinks that will transfer on all saved versions.  

Everyone loves a good infographic that is vibrant, and informational.  You really can’t go wrong!

From this, you're able to see that there is more to inbound offers beside ebooks.  There is a ton of great offers out there, however, these three are sure to help you get out of that boring routine.  It's always great to spice things up; because chances are not only are you getting bored of writing the same things, you audience is probably getting bored from reading the same things.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog.  I really hope you found it useful, and enjoyable.  Please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues on social media.  Also, be sure to check out our other blogs at Sociallyin!

Until next time - cheers!

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