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3 Things You Need To Know About 360-Degree Video Marketing

The marketing space is an ever changing field. New technologies and tactics emerge every single day. This can be a little bit overwhelming and difficult to make a decision on what is the most impactful for your business or division. One thing that has recently been all over the news is 360-degree videos. This is the new video format that a few people are testing out and playing around with. Youtube launched their player to be able to support this technology. 


Here is an example of a 360 degree video:

Drone footage in commercials and content has really taken off lately. Many marketers are choosing the epic drone shots for their content and I believe 360 video is next. 

Here are 3 things to keep in mind if you are planning to release some 360 video content in the future. 


1.There are a few downsides

Like any new technology, there are a few downsides with 360 video. Especially for marketers. For starters, it isn’t cheap to produce a video like that. There are a few solutions to equipment like As the technology is more widely available, the cost of equipment will go down. Also, if you are looking at getting a 360-degree video produced, take into consideration the cost of training and accommodation for the production team. Unless you have some guys that know 360-video like the back of their hand, there will be a slight learning curve. The framing and composition will be needed to be mapped out ahead of time to accommodate stitch lines. 

2. It's a different way to story tell

As new technologies and platforms come out, it opens up opportunities for marketers to do things that haven’t ever been one before. Take Instagram for example, this allowed brands to tell their story in completely different ways and engage with audiences like never before. 

360-degree video is no different. It is a different way for content creators to tell their story. It allows the creator to immerse the audience completely in what they are hearing, seeing, and feeling. The user is able to control what parts of the room they are looking at and stay in control. You can give your audience full access and allow them to explore on their own time and with their own interest. Think about how this can be applied to brewery tour marketing or real estate listing while the realtor walks you through the house and explains everything. 

3. There is a lot of creative opportunity

Because this is something that wasn’t available a few years ago there hasn’t been much content around it. This allows marketers to think outside the box and truly do things that have never been done before. 

Think about all the different concepts you can come up with for commercials or vlogs. The opportunities are endless. 

The 360-video doesn’t require users to wear a virtual reality headset which make the consumption very easy. I am a huge believer in the concept and it is here to stay.

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Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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