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#TwitterTips For Beverage Companies


#TwitterTip’s For Beverage Companies


There are 316 million active twitter users per month and 500 million tweets sent per day. How do you get your tweets to stand out in the twitter world?


Add a picture

            It’s simple. Add a picture to your tweet. Pictures and gifs make tweets exciting and interesting. They can grab the attention of a follower that was just quickly skimming through their newsfeed.  


Add location

            Where are you located? Let your followers know where they can get your beverage.  Can your followers link to your website from your twitter account? The idea is to get followers to your website. 



            Wonder why no one is seeing your tweets? You’ve heard it before. Hashtags help. Come up with ideas such as #WhiskeyWednesday or #TeaTuesday to get followers engaged, whatever works for the brand of your beverage company. 


Show your personality

            Get talking! If your followers are tweeting that they are thirsty, tweet them and tell them to try your product. Don’t be afraid to tweet at people even if they aren’t tagging you in their tweets.  One great example is Budweiser and the SuperBowl puppy ads.  It recognizes the beverage, but also adds animal humor.  



Use Polls

            Did you know you can make twitter polls? There’s no better way to get responses than through twitter polls.  You can ask your customers if they’d enjoy a certain flavor of your beverage or an opinion on an awards show. 



Science of Success on Twitter

Lizzie Williamson

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