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How To Tell your beverage brand's story with social media


Beverage companies have wonderful brand stories. You can’t get into this industry without personality because consumers are drawn to it. A savvy drinker will choose the small-town, homegrown, fun, local choice over the big box brand every time. The only problem is they don’t know you or your story so they don’t know to ask for your product. Social media is your key to spreading your brand story quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. However, social media strategy takes more than setting up an account and posting pictures. An account without a following is as effective as digging a hole and yelling into it. Developing a strong social media presence is accomplished by utilizing three components: tone, imagery, and creative strategy.



Your tone is your voice and personality. When you know someone well, you know what to expect from their personality. You know your funny friend will make you laugh, your charming friend will be enjoyable to talk to, your fun friend will give you a good time. It would be jarring and uncomfortable if your upbeat and positive friend started talking about morbid and melancholy subjects. The same idea applies to your brand. You can assume a voice that people like, grow comfortable with, and gravitate towards. Of course, social media allows for you to put your personality on blast. You can quickly and consistently make people fall in love with your brand. Talking to people with a personality they like and in the place they want to interact is the quickest way to connect with consumers on an emotional level.



Imagery is the next step for a successful social media. You have an awesome personality ready to charm the masses but something is missing. People are naturally drawn to visually appealing content. Imagery in social media comes in a number of forms including photography, videos, and graphic design. Quality imagery can take your social media to a level that even the best wording just can’t reach. A beautiful photograph of your drink surrounded by an inviting environment can create a craving in your consumers. A video showing your brand’s personality (that you have been so carefully cultivating) will create an emotional connection to your company. Quality graphic design will attract attention to your brand as well as differentiate you from the competition. The entirety of a company’s imagery should work together to create an experience for your audience that shapes how you are perceived.


Creative Strategy

Creative strategy is the most important, as well as the most difficult task to accomplish. As important as a consistent tone and quality imagery are, they still need a boost to reach people. This is when the strategy comes into play. Strategy creates harmony between all your elements and puts them to work in the most effective manner. We have all seen the viral campaign that makes you marvel at the creativity, the video that everyone from your niece to you grandma is sharing, and the accounts that people are telling you to follow because of how enjoyable they are. Brands can receive attention at a national scale because of one innovative idea that spreads like wildfire through social media. The problem is there isn’t a step-by-step guide to making this creative idea that will gain you attention. It truly has to come from a place of pure creativity that is relevant to your business, personality, and audience. The beverage industry is often leading the charge in creative social media strategy. From the giants like Budweiser and Jack Daniel’s to your microbreweries and craft distilleries, some of the best social media accounts are in the beverage industry producing creative content that anyone could appreciate it. The key is simply having an innovative person or team that can produce the kind of attention-grabbing content and make it work in a way that will spread your brand’s story.


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Gary Thompson

Atlanta native and director of brand strategy at SociallyIn. Check out some of my work at

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