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Useful Tips for Social Media Managers


Social media managers have to stay on top of trends, manage multiple networks, maintain engagement, the list goes on! It can be easy to get overwhelmed; just take a deep breath and keep these tips in mind.


Learn the latest tools, but don't jump in head first

Staying up to date is a must, but you can't be everywhere at once. When thinking of new social networks, keep the long term in mind. Create a checklist to evaluate new platforms.

Questions to consider: Is this new network a fad or does it have potential longevity? Does the purpose of the network align with our brand and social identity? Is our current or potential audience on this network?

Set a strategy

Take into account your company's basic objectives and goals and align your strategy to them. Establish benchmarks then track, analyze and report results to prove ongoing value.

Questions to consider: Do my social goals support greater business goals? Are the social strategies and tactics outlined attainable? What is our brand voice and how do we adapt that for social?

Include coworkers

Social now infiltrates almost every department of the organization. Use this collaborative, participatory environment to your advantage. Colleagues will have a different viewpoint; use this to create strategic alliances within in your company. 

Questions to consider: Who should participate in content generation for our social networks? Who should have admin access to our social networks? What boundaries should I set for social participation?

Make time to recharge

Brand evangelism is 24/7 but what human can be available all the time? Trying to "always be on" can result in sloppy posts and irrelevant content. Set realistic expectations and know when to ask for help.

Questions to consider: What are the best days and times to engage our brand’s audience? How should our content vary based on day, time & season? Are there reliable teammates who could help me manage our communities?

Know when it's time to break up with a network

As you keep up with the current trends you also need to reassess current relationships with networks. Look at the data and trends to see it you need to increase your efforts or cut the cord. 

Questions to consider: Did we devote enough resources, human or technological, to make it work? What factors caused the decrease in performance/engagement? Do we utilize proper content and voice for this particular network? 



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