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5 Things Linkedin Brings to Your Prospecting Table


Prospecting is an important part in business. Linkedin is a great tool to make your job of prospecting faster and smoother. Find out what it brings to the table!


1. It is a smarter way to search

If you search for a company in the people field, it will show past and current employees. You can narrow your search by location, keywords, etc. By mixing different filters, you can identify key people quickly and easily.

2. Follow prospect and customer actions

Follow new contacts and recent Linkedin activity of your customers and prospects. This way you are able to engage early in the process and get ahead of your competition. You become a planning asset and are able to generate new business.

3. Make your profile work for you

Make sure you have links to your company website, Twitter and Facebook on your profile. It's also helpful to get recommendations from others, including happy customers. These help prospects know you better as a person. Make sure you have a photo!

4. Rebuild relationships

Customers and prospects often change jobs; check Linkedin to see where they currently are. By connecting with them, you can renew the relationship. Find elements in their background to include in conversations to solidify your relationship with trust and friendship.

5. Take advantage of the premium feature

Yes, you have to pay for the premium feature. It can do so much for you though! You are able to message people you aren't connected with; this is a big advantage to starting conversations more quickly. You can see everyone who has viewed your profile, unlike the free version that shows a condensed list. Linkedin will send you an email when they find a new profile that fits your search criteria.

These just scratch the surface of what Linkedin can do for your prospecting. Check it out for yourself! We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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