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5 Topics to Attract Students


Students have so many options when it comes to choosing where to attend college. This is a big decision; they will probably be spending 4 or more years of their lives there. So how should you go about attracting students? Here are 5 topics to attract students.


1. Culture

What is the culture like at the school and surrounding community? Laid back, fast-paced, lively; whatever it may be, give prospective students a taste. If you have an arts festival every year, tell them about it and include pictures. Give them an idea of what life is like on campus so they can try and picture themselves there.

2. Course Topics

This doesn't include the basics such as math, science and history. Advertise unusual classes offered or fun electives that students love. Find out what the student is interested in and tell them about classes they might enjoy. Woodworking, cooking, and exercise classes are a few examples.

3. Scholarships

College is expensive. Let students know about all the scholarships and aid available. The more affordable school is, the happier the parents will be. They are more likely to pay for their child to attend school at your university if the student has a chance to earn scholarships.

4. Job Placement

People attend college to get a solid, nice paying job. What is your school's job placement rate after graduation? Let them know how helpful career services are in helping students find full-time jobs after college. Knowing they have a high chance of getting a job straight out of college could be a huge factor in their decision.

5. Facilities

Freshman Fifteen is a real thing; market your campus gym and all the great equipment and classes offered. Talk about your state of the art library and how it is a great place to prepare for tests and projects. Describe the different cafeterias and eating options available. Have you been remodelling some of the older buildings on campus? Let them know!

You can also talk to current students to see what attracted them and use those topics as well. The content of the message will depend on what stage of the journey the student is in, so keep that in mind. Happy recruiting!

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