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Apps For A Social Media Account Manager On The Go


Some days you just won’t be in the office.  In the summer months, life may get busy, but your work still has to get done.  Here are 5 apps that will help you stay on track and make your life easier on the go.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Page Manager is one of the most important apps for on the go posting. It allows you to check everything on Facebook you would if you were on a desktop.  This makes life easier when you want to engage with your audience.



At SociallyIn we use basecamp to stay organized with tasks and projects.  I downloaded the app to check my daily tasks assigned to me when I am unable to get on my laptop to see if I’ve missed anything.  You can check off tasks that you completed and even add more to projects in this app.


Google Drive

Google Drive is where we put our content to organize it before posting on social media.  This app allows me to quickly access all of the photos and graphics that I need to use.  I can download them directly from the app and post them on whichever social platform I need to.



Hashtap is used for finding hashtags on Instagram that other people are using with the one you entered. This gives you the ability to copy and paste hashtags faster.



The purpose of social media is to post different types of content. This app lets you put custom designs and text ‘over’ your picture. It takes your picture to a completely different level in about five minutes. Over gives you a chance to experiment with images at your fingertips.


These apps will make your on the go life easier to manage. 

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