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Buyer Personas: What social media should your company use?

I get the question all the time. Clients always concerned with the value of social media. They'll say, " So I know social media is important, but I just don't know if it's for my company."

"What's the real ROI of social media?". 

My answer is always the same.


The ROI of social media just like anything else isn't about the tool. It's about the investment into making the tool work, whatever it may be.
To really get the most of social media for your company, there should be a sniper approach instead of a shotgun method.
Your customer isn't on every platform or are they?
Should you be:
Posting DIY videos on Youtube?
Pinning on Pinterest?
Sharing your work on LinkedIn?
Posting photos on Facebook?
You have to know who your buyer personas are and where they interact. Every platform has different users and different ways to interact.
Time is precious, therefore, you want to spend it on networks that can actually provide value to your business.

Here's an infographic from Smart Savvy Social loaded with facts and statistics that can help you determine choose where your company should interact in the social space.



Find out where your customers are. Engage in conversations (but be human). It's vital to use SM in this digital age to communicate and market your business to customers. If you do this right, there will be ROI that won't go unnoticed from your SM marketing efforts.

Grab these resources to help with efficiency.

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Adrian Marcus

I am the Creative Director and I'm fortunate to work on the fun side of the business. Photography, design, social media, tag lines and all, allowing me to play with all sorts of exciting projects, everything a kid could ask for.

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