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Twitter: Additives

Alas, The end...



Ahh, the joy of twitter additives.

There is a reason why I chose to post on this topic last because scheduling and conversation are all tied together with additives, such as images and hashtags. 

You may wonder why I chose the word “additives” to describe this.  That is because when you use images and hashtags (and everything else that follows), you are adding value to your post.  Chances are, your audience would much rather view a tweet that consist of an image, rather than if it didn’t. You’re increasing your potential click through rate, and raising the bar for your twitter post.

Now, these things can be more than just images and hashtags.  This can consist of including short video clips (i.e. Vine videos), or even using your location so you can see what is happening in your area. There are numerous aspects of Twitter additives.  However, for the purpose of this post (and your time) we’re going to focus on images and hashtags.


As I stated above, your potential click through rate will increase with the use of images. 

When scrolling through your timeline, chances are you’re much more likely to click on a tweet with a compelling image, rather than if it didn’t. 

This allows you to visualize what the tweet’s author is trying to convey via 140 characters. 

It allows the audience to better understand the meaning of the tweet, and can also be used for simply fun. 


Okay, so if you use social media there is a good possibility that you’re familiar with hashtags. 

Their purpose if for you to follow a conversation, and see all things related to that tag.  This can be a great additive to your tweets. 

The more you are staying in the conversation, the more you are increasing your brand equity.  Your account is becoming more vocal, and establishing a good social media presence.

As I have stressed in the past: STAY. IN. THE. CONVERSATION.

It’s utterly important to keep up with twitter trends, and create relationships. 

Hashtags are the men (aka things) for the job!

Also, it’s vital to understand that you should hashtag important aspect of your tweet. 


The photo above is a prime example of how you should implement hashtags.  For instance, in some cases it would be just fine to include “#company”. However, in this case, you are focusing on a “Media” company.  Therefore, the correct hashtag should be “#Media #Company”. 

This will help your search stay narrow, and allow for you to focus on the conversation to be had.

Overall, it’s evident that to complete a successful twitter campaign you need these additives.  They tie the entire process together and help establish and create a conversation. 

Thanks for reading my blog series on Twitter Management. Be sure to check out my e-book, All About That Twitter, that focuses on everything twitter related!

Until next time, cheers!

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