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Improving Engagement as Instagram Takes Over

Instagram is rapidly becoming the social media platform of choice. We’ll discover why and look into how to successfully engage on the ‘gram.

The Instagram Takeover

Numerous reports say that Snapchat is falling out of favor, and Instagram is starting to steal the show.


Social Media Influencers have noticed this change, because it is their job to engage and connect with large audiences in the best way possible. They have taken the lead and turned their focus to Instagram. Now it’s time for marketers, performers, and the rest of the social world to follow. Could the Instagram takeover be an assumption? Let’s dive into this rumor.

A recent poll consisted of 689 influencers that all had at least 6,000 followers. When asked which social platform they prefer: Instagram or Snapchat, the choice was clear. 73% of influencers chose Instagram as their preferred social platform. The rumor is true! With further questioning, it was found that 82% of influencers use Instagram more than Snapchat. You can go ahead and say farewell 👋 to Snapchat stories, because over half of the influencers use Instagram stories over Snapchat stories.

Functionality Comparison

The competition between Instagram and Snapchat really stiffened when Instagram launched its story function. Before the launch, the two platforms were used for dissimilar purposes. Now, the competition is quite direct.

snapchat vs instagram

Both platforms offer similar features and Instagram has even stepped up its story game with unique features that outdo Snapchat. Some of Instagram’s features include Boomerang, Focus, Live, and custom brushes that fulfill all of your handwriting desires. Influencers that prefer Instagram over Snapchat do so because of Instagram’s functionality. Instagram is extremely tailored toward its users. For example, there are tagging options and you can swipe up on Insta stories, which can lead you to more information or even a purchase. Instagram is also focused on it’s influencers. They make promotion easy to accomplish for influencers with direct traffic. On the other hand, Snapchat fails to cater to its influencers. How else is Instagram slaying the game? One way is that they allow users to post longer and more permanent content.These features allow influencers and users to develop relationships in our competitive market. Snapchat posts become complicated and disordered when you’re seeking access.

Tracking and Analytics

Once again, Instagram has the edge with influencers regarding analytics and tracking. Because influencers are posting for income, a trustworthy analytics and tracking system is crucial, especially for promotional and sponsored post. Many influencers agreed that they prefer Instagram’s tracking because they can channel traffic to brands directly and rapidly. Instagram’s tracking and analytics feature is inspired by influencers and brands. On snapchat, promotions do not lead to direct traffic or sales boosts without an app switch or a Google search; therefore, the platform is not the fan favorite. Brands and influencers also tend to believe that Instagram is more inspiring when engaging with influencers for a performance campaign. This helps position goods or services and convey brand messages in an aspiring way. The ‘gram is also more aesthetic. It is the ideal spot for those pristinely filtered and perfectly edited photos. This makes Instagram an advertiser’s dream social platform, especially as it combines idealistic images and desirable content. As we have seen, Instagram is really beginning to takeover Snapchat. With time, will Instagram continue to awe or will Snapchat step up its game? Only time will tell. We will have to wait to see how the two platforms respond to the market’s demand. As of right now though, Instagram is on top and looking to stay there. Now we’ll dive into one thing Instagram does particularly well-engagement.

Impressions Don’t Matter

Let’s be real here. Impressions don’t really matter. Many brands and agencies praise the number of impressions and video views that their creatives receive; however, more than likely, those impressions are paid for using social ads. In other words, they do not directly push your business goals ahead. People rapidly scroll through their feeds nowadays, so likes and impressions won’t cut it when you are seeking brand goals.

Increasing Engagement Time

On Instagram, or any social platform, the best way to get higher engagement is to create content that copies the idea of how people use social platforms and to reverse engineer what content works best.


One great way to increase engagement on Instagram is to use a casual social game. Users can play right in their browser without having to download a new app. The games can be designed with your brand in mind. Think about your brand's logo, colors, and products when making a game. Your brand can then deliver the game to your Instagram story. Users will swipe up and play the branded game. Most likely, audience members will spend a greater amount of time playing the game than viewing a video. You can also distribute the game with the help of influencers. Engagement will takeoff with the help of a fun game that caters to your users.

Using Handy Habits

Instagram users have created various habits. Think about swiping and tapping. If your brand uses one of these handy habits, engagement can have a drastic increase. Once again, you can use a game to use the common habits like tapping and scrolling. For example, paper football could be your game. In the game use those trigger words to get your users to perform. If the game matches Instagram and your audience, it will be a success because users are used to tapping and swiping. Ask yourself these questions when creating social content for Instagram: 1. Who is your audience? 2. What are your goals? 3. Is Instagram the right platform for this content? If your content is strong, it will almost always have success. By creating great content and combining habits your engagement will be even higher. By understanding why Instagram is taking over the social world, you can better adapt to the platform and increase your engagement during the process.

Lena Speir

Community Coordinator with a passion for travel and a love for learning. Born and raised in South AL, but loving the city life in Birmingham!

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