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Longer Videos to Come to Instagram

Hey, friends! I'm so glad you came back to see what's new in social media this week. This week Facebook and Instagram both had a couple of changes that I think you're going to be interested in! 





Let's start with Facebook. 

ICYMI: Facebook is getting rid of its 'Trending News' section. Facebook said, 

"We introduced Trending in 2014 as a way to help people discover news topics that were popular across the Facebook community. However, it was only available in five countries and accounted for less than 1.5 percent of clicks to news publishers on average. From research we found that over time people found the product to be less and less useful. We will remove Trending from Facebook next week and we will also remove products and third-party partner integrations that rely on the Trends API."

Why not get rid of it if it's doing nothing for ya? 🤷🏼‍♀️


Have you checked on Marketplace recently? Because Facebook Marketplace now has ads. Just doing whatever they can to get your ad in front of the people that want to see it!

Are you like me? Do you LOVE karaoke? If not, this may not be for you. If you do, this may still not be for you, but it sure is a fun update! Facebook rolled out a lip-syncing feature called Lip-Sync Live. Stay tuned to see if your Facebook friends become rockstars (or if Facebook keeps the feature). 



Are you still lost on the whole Instagram algorithm thing? Instagram answered your questions and you can read all about it and the key factors here! Breaking news: The algorithm is here to stay because it works.

Videos are big for engagement. Instagram knows that. That's why Insta is looking to potentially add longer video options to their platform. You can only post videos that are under a minute currently, with the potential to post a 60 minute video?! Interesting. It could be the move. 




The following info isn't related to your fave social media platforms.....but I have some cool things I found that you might be interested in also! 

An Emoji-Based WYD App is bringing more fun into searching for things to do in a new place! You would also be able to follow your friends and share your favorite locations! 

At Apple's developer conference, we got a sneak peek into what is coming to our phones. You can read all about that HERE! It includes Memojis and GROUP FACETIME! 


Questions that keep me up at night. 🤔

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 3.23.45 PM


From Facebook getting rid of Trending News to the potential of Instagram adding longer videos, what was your favorite update of the week? Check back next week for the newest social media updates! 

Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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