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Last-Minute Valentines Day Ideas for Your Brand's Social Media Accounts

Have you gotten caught off guard by how quickly the year is speeding by? Same. But as it turns out, Valentines Day ranks as the fourth LARGEST spending holiday in the world, and that means your business can definitely benefit from a little Valentines-themed social media marketing.

But is there actually anything you can do LAST MINUTE on social media that can drum up lots of business for your brand? The answer, (you may be surprised to discover) is a resounding YES.

As per usual, we want to make this as easy for you and your team as possible. And what we've come up with is some pretty perfectly wonderful ways to help you show your followers a little love this Valentines Day.

Are you ready to get started? Let's jump right in!

Guide Your Followers to The Perfect Gift

You may be surprised to know that many lovers are often last-minute shoppers. This can come in handy for marketers like us because it means we can offer up some pretty awesome ideas on the spot and your followers will gobble it up. (This can mean very literally if you're the type of lover that provides chocolate on this sweetest of holidays).

Let's face it: buying for others is difficult. Most especially on a holiday like Valentines Day when there are lots of options and pressure as far as what to buy, what your significant other, pet, family member or friend might want and what might be considered acceptable. Because, if we're honest, Valentines Day can present some pretty awkward scenarios.

But this is where you can swoop in and save the day for your followers.

Give them some awesome gift ideas! This can range from things for their neighbors, for pets, for lovers, for friends, for coworkers and more! Fill your feed with the perfect last-minute gifts for every awkward relationship and every wondering and wandering lover and your followers will love YOU forever!

Dry on ideas for who should get gifts and who you should provide ideas for? We have you covered.😉

  • Gifts for Him
  • Gifts for Her
  • Gifts for your Bestie
  • Gifts for Mom
  • Gifts for Dad
  • Gifts for Pets
  • Gifts for Yourself
  • Gifts for Teachers
  • Don't forget GALENTINES! (Gifts for your Gal Pals!)

Host a Fabulous Story Contest

Winners receive a fun goody bag, a coupon or even a free item or service. Have people recount past days and tell wicked stories of their first dates, worst dates, best and worst valentines, or even the day they adopted their first little furry friend.

Don't Forget There Are Singles, Too!

And they're still treating themselves, family, friends, pets and various loved ones.

They may have the best time of anyone. I mean, come on, is there a better way to spend Valentines than curled up on the couch with a pint of ice cream watching movies?! Who needs terrible chocolates in a heart-shaped box anyway?

Just make sure that when you're posting on social this Valentines, you don't forget the rather large group that is, yes, still single, but definitely not miserable. This holiday is all about #selflove #selfcare #singlesawareness and #treatyoself. And yes, these hashtags work well for making sure you're found and staying relevant this Valentines.🥰

Say Hello to Last-Minute Flash Sales

There's no better time to have a flash-sale than on Valentines. Theme your story, (say hi to the nearly 300 million daily Instagram story users) and promote, promote, PROMOTE!

Last-minute flash sales means you can rack in on those last-minute shoppers and those of us who feel like indulging on the most indulgent of days.

Did Someone Say Giveaway?

Giveaways are an excellent way to connect with your audience and grow your following. Even more so when you can host it around something fun-like Valentines!

Create Valentines-Themed Interactive Apps and Experiences

If you're looking to enhance your customer experience and really boost your engagement, put some fire behind your social media marketing efforts with interactive experiences.

Just think: you can create custom filters and stickers that your audience has a hand in creating-or maybe allow them to devise their own short videos, melodies, creations. Even quizzes. If it gives your audience a chance to interact with you and your brand, they're going to eat it up.

Going all-out on social for Valentines Day can be fun for both you and your audience. All it takes is a lot of love, plenty of creativity and a dash of authenticity.

Are you doing anything fun on social media for your brand on Valentines? We want to see what you've come up with!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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