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Pinterest Success Story: Lululemon


Pinterest is an online service that allows you to share ideas and images through social networking.  Using Pinterest effectively can drastically boost your social media presence. Lululemon, an athletic brand of clothing, has a Pinterest we can all learn from.

With 2.1 million followers, Lululemon has set their goals on supporting customers to create a life they love. Their brand is like a life coach. They work on selling clothes while also making people happy.


How do they do it?

They know their audience.

As workout apparel, Lulu has broken it down into a couple of boards: yoga, run, and sweat.  Each of the boards are something different but keep the same general vibe.


Although Pinterest is seen as a woman dominated social media platform, Lululemon has managed to create a men’s board, pinning things that would be interesting for the guys of Pinterest to see.  Most of the pins revolve around being strong, appealing to men. 


What would people be interested in seeing without straight up saying we are Lululemon?

Hair and Travel. 


Hair and travel are just a few of the other boards Lulu has. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and I may not be looking specifically for athletic clothing, but these pins can get me to any type of profile. This drives traffic back to them and their brand. 


Another great thing they did was include local city guides. These are compilations of the team’s favorite spots. It gives them a personality and showcases different cities.


Each and every pin on every board fits the vibe of the brand.  Every caption is written for them. We can learn from Lululemon by just looking through their pins.

Figure out what works best for your brand and stick with that vibe, you will benefit from this!

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Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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