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How Big Data is Changing Social Media Marketing

Big Data describes data sets that are large and complex. These data sets extend beyond the ability of usual tools that capture, manage and analyze data.

The amount of data businesses have available to them is constantly growing. Now there are analytics platforms to help social media managers track and analyze the complex data sets to gain an advantage over competitors. Let's see how Big Data is changing social media marketing.



Data drives social media

Industry experts say that 90 percent of data has been created in the last two years. 20 percent of this data is structured, which means it can easily be stored and analyzed. The other 80 percent is unstructured and comes from sources like social media. The unstructured data includes things such as what people are saying or doing and things they are interested in. Shares, comments, downloads, likes and retweets can be used to decide what the customer wants. Platforms that manage and analyze Big Data allow business to use 100 percent of their data and make more informed decisions.

More Targeted and Personalized Campaigns

Analyzing large data sets reveals trends that marketers can utilize to customize their social messages. By customizing your message, you become more relevant to the users you are wanting to target and they are more likely to pay attention. An example of this is when companies suggest products to you and call you by name.

Companies receive data that tells them who their customers are, where they are and what they want. Everything on social media is designed to make consumer's lives easier and better.

Increasingly engaged employees

Social media makes finding a job or a candidate for a job easier than ever. The information provided from data helps you find employees that are interested and devoted to your cause and customers. Job postings can be advertised or you can attract potential employees through engaging posts. More engaged employees makes for a better experience.

Better Informed Future Predicitons

Companies are constantly trying to predict trends to keep afloat. You no longer have to rely on past data since social media supplies you with real time data. Today companies receive interal and external data that can be analyzed to reveal patterns and insights on future behaviors. These insights can foster development of new products and services to better meet the customer's needs.

Break the Mold

In the past, audiences were defined by common demographics and geography. For example, marketers would group together married people that live in California. It was believed that people that share characteristics are likely to exhibit similar behaviors. Now we have the ability to identify actual preferences and behaviors to focus more on one-to-one marketing. By grouping people together based on behaviors and preferences, new audiences can come alive.

Testing Campaigns

Big data allows marketers to test their campaigns virtually. Using real-time data, campaigns can be tested, revised and retested without the risks of in-market testing. Marketing analytics can be used to measure the success of the campaign.


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