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Recycle Social Media Content


Sometimes you may feel like you're constantly creating content and the content isn't reaching the amount of people you want it to reach. There are two steps to help this problem.  

1. Make a posting plan for your content.

2. Learn to recycle your posts to different social media platforms to ensure the most value from your content.



Not everyone is on every social media platform. If they are, they may not follow you on each platform. This makes it okay to post the same content on all the platforms your business utilizes. Think about the amount of time you spend on social media. It’s probably a lot. Now think of the time you don’t and how much can happen online during that time. Even if you scroll back on Twitter you might've missed a post that was relevant to you. Reposting content helps gain followers and achieve higher engagement.  It also reminds your followers what's important to your brand.

While you can post the same content, you must first tailor it to the network you are posting on because every network serves a different purpose. Understand each platform. While Instagram is more about attention grabbing pictures, LinkedIn is more about short statuses and shared blog posts. Facebook has a lot of competition so to thrive on this platform you must think outside of the box.  When you have ensured you have made content that fits the platform you are posting it on, you can schedule your posts for the times that your followers are most likely to engage. 

Here LEGO used the same picture and posted it on both Instagram and Facebook. This worked for them because it was both creative and the picture told the story. 


Reposting is a great way to increase engagement, but can also come with the spam label. If your followers don't find your content useful they may find it to be more spammy, which can hurt your brand even more. How can you keep this from happening? Don't forget to also create and post new content inbetween reposting. 


Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Not only can you repost the newer content you make, you can repost old content. Content may be old, but that doesn't mean it isn't solid or relevant content. What may have been a blog 5 months ago has the potential to be a great info graphic now. Explore your options and create.


Planning and recycling your posts enlarges the lifespan of your content.

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Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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