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3 Things Snow & Outbound Marketing Have In Common


It's that time of year here in Mississippi. One day it's 80 degrees and sunny, the next brings an unexpected snow with 20-degree wind chills. It's cold, it's short-lived (luckily), and most of all - it's annoying. As an Inbound Marketer, the word associations that follow snow also follow Outbound Marketing (O.M.). There are not many positive associations that follow O.M., it'll hit you in the face when you least expect it and if it lingers then it just becomes annoying. The following are 3 aspects of snow that can be easily related to OM.




When the snow falls on Mississippi, it's cold, it's shocking and quite frankly, it'll make you wish you lived further south. When many Mississippians see the snow, they just wish it would go away. Many don't leave their house, they avoid it at all cost. This can relate to O.M., because with Outbound comes cold-calling. These calls that are unexpected, and, for the most part, make you wish you had a different phone number. They happen when least expected and you just want them to go away. Obviously, the cold weather and cold calling have something in common - as a customer, you just want them to disappear. You want the warmth of spring and summer and want to be able to enjoy the outdoors. Which is what Inbound Marketing does for you, it allows you to enjoy the  platform and doesn't create a surprise attack for its "victims".


Since we are in Mississippi, snow doesn't last very long. It only stays on the ground for so long; which usually is not longer than 48 hours. Although it pays us a yearly visit, it is short lived. Much like snow, Outbound has engulfed the marketing world for years. However, O.M. plans only last for a certain period before they melt with time. This is a constantly changing industry, it is never static. This is all the more reason to implement an Inbound plan. With Inbound, you're able to keep up the pace with the marketing world and extend the life span of your goals.


When you're not accustomed to snow (or ice), it tends to become annoying; especially when it cuts into your daily time line. It gets in your way, and when it comes to conflicting with your plans it's extremely annoying. O.M. is very similar in the sense that it is in your face, it takes up your time and is everywhere you look - you can't escape. By using Inbound, you are avoiding the annoying aspect, you'll be seen as helping your target audience rather than bombarding them. It allows you to interact with them in their own time, you're not cutting into their pre-existing plans.

Overall, it is evident that snow and outbound have a lot in common. They both offer cold tactics, short-lived game plans and can be extremely annoying. It's time to step up your marketing game, by switching to Inbound you are offering peace of mind to your audience. Inbound will avoid the cold tactics, the process will ease in slowly to your audience's perspective. It establishes a game plan that will change with the times, it doesn't become stagnant over time. Lastly, instead of bombarding your audience and cutting into their time, Inbound will go with the flow and target them on their own time.

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